World Pride Reparation Day

World Pride Reparation Day June 21, 2014

Reader Sheepcat writes:

For the third year running, we’ve organized a global prayer event in reparation for Pride Toronto–this time, it’s WorldPride. We’re inviting people to make a mortification and commit to an hour in the presence of our Eucharistic Lord for the intentions of Charity, Clarity, Chastity. Our event runs from June 20 through July 2.

The full prayer intentions and other instructions for participating are here:

[W]hen the drums beat incessantly this time of year for the empty promises of LGBTQ+ Pride, my heart breaks for all those who don’t yet know something far better is possible; and I’ve felt weighed down by memories of encounters I now recognize as a counterfeit for what love is supposed to be. Seeing the problem, my wife ushered me to the Tabernacle, where Jesus heals and restores what has been wounded in me.

We advise people,

When you’re signing up and sharing the link, please remember two things: 1) it is hardest to fill the slots from 1 am to 5 am EDT (overnight in Toronto), so those in different time zones, working odd hours, or with unusual access to the Blessed Sacrament (in a religious house, hospital, church, etc) do well to sign up then; and 2) sign-ups will tend to snowball over several days, so it’s preferable to fill the earlier slots and then share the link with others who would be interested.

To anticipate a frequently asked question: YES, you may participate from around the world: wherever YOU assist at holy Mass, worship the Exposed Eucharist, visit the Tabernacle, attend a Corpus Christi Procession… so long as you remember the three-listed intentions. Any and all participation is appreciated. May God reward you for your fidelity and generosity!

Many thanks, and God bless.

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