Dan Burke begins a very welcome and much-needed series

Dan Burke begins a very welcome and much-needed series July 24, 2014

He writes:

I am sure you are aware of the rise of several forces in the Church that are very destructive. One has been around a long time – the chasing after apparitions and an inordinate or unhealthy focus on private mystical experience unmoored from the heart of the Church (Maria Divine Mercy is a good example of a recent problematic hoax). The other is new and growing; this is a view of the Church that though it is very Catholic on the surface, it has a protestant heart and thereby a complete misunderstanding of the magisterium. As such I have sought out a special writer to tackle the topic of Mysticism and the Magisterium to help, in some small way, reinforce the source of our relationship with God and how we can best know and pursue Him.

Check it out and follow the whole series. It will be great!

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