Burning Man for Libertarians

Burning Man for Libertarians August 2, 2014

Guns, drugs, and partial nudity Fest for people with a philosophy that does not include children.

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    It’s an article worth reading. Also, I am glad Wyoming dodged this bullet.

  • Mike the Geek

    There are a number of problems with pure libertarianism, but I wasn’t aware that hating one’s kids was one of them. Where did “does not include children” come from? Maybe I just missed it…

    • Mark S. (not for Shea)

      The end result of “every man for himself!” which is the end result of Libertarianism, is destructive to the family and therefore children.

      • Morris

        Can you explain how libertarianism is destructive to the family?

        • Jonk

          Because reasons. Also, Ayn Rand.

    • The Deuce

      It’s not that they hate children, but that their philosophy regarding moral license and natural duty to others is designed for an abstract world of “consenting adults,” and falls apart in the real world, particularly where the needs of raising of children in a community that’s conducive to it is concerned.

      There’s a reason why the world of Atlas Shrugged has no children, for instance, aside from brief flashbacks for some of the characters. Where would they fit in Ayn Rand’s cosmology of industrious good guys and parasitic bad guys? If John Galt had a child, would he think that he owed him anything?

      • Morris

        There’s a reason libertarianism is not the same as Randian objectivism. Equating libertarian with Rand exposes a lack of understanding of libertarianism.

        • The Deuce

          Oh, I agree. I’m sorta-kinda libertarian myself, and that wasn’t meant to apply to everybody who calls themselves libertarian, but there is certainly a large segment to whom it does apply. Rand was just an example. The point is, in a world comprised of social contracts between consenting adults where nobody owes anybody else anything that they didn’t agree to (which a number of libertarians subscribe to), children don’t fit easily into the picture.

          • Morris

            Rand wasn’t libertarian, though, and she despised libertarians.

      • Mike the Geek

        I know a fair number of folks who would be considered generally libertarian. They all take care of their kids; they just don’t try to dump their responsibility on everyone else. Ayn Rand’s personality deficits have nothing to do w libertarianism, any more than the pecadillos of various medieval popes tells you anything substantive about the Christian faith.
        The primary problem w/ libertarianism as a philosophy is that it doesn’t provide an effective means of dealing with evil. People in the employ of the Evil One (of whom there appears to be no shortage) can readily subvert and overthrow the system.

    • wlinden

      “There is scarcely anyone who hates libertarianism. However, there are many who hate what they imagine libertarianism to be.” — Bolton Gleam

  • kirthigdon

    OK, the picture shows a number of kids, no guns or drugs that I could spot and way less nudity than the average Renaissance Pleasure Faire, the average beach, or just around town here in Corpus Christi (admittedly a much hotter climate). And I must admit I don’t feel threatened by 3D printing, bitcoin, or trying to shut down the war on drugs before still more people get killed or imprisoned.
    Kirt Higdon

    • Morris

      Kirt, everybody knows that voluntary association is a threat to civilization in general and Catholicism in particular. Can you imagine what would happen in libertarians actually had control of things? There would be coerced taxes used to pay for abortions and aggressive wars, armed SWAT raids on Amish farmers selling raw milk, rampant police overreach with impunity while innocent infants have their faces blown off by flash grenades in a raid to capture somebody selling a plant…things unimaginable to a rational and civilized Catholic. It’s every man for himself in those photos, and you can see the evil.

  • Morris

    Looks like yet another instance where a linke to this essay is needed, since “libertarian” keeps being confused with “libertine” (first same letters, I can see how confusing it must be):