James Foley prayed the Rosary in Captivity

James Foley prayed the Rosary in Captivity August 20, 2014

The blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians. – Tertullian

Our present civilizational conflict is between an inflamed and evil form of spirituality and a watery and evil form of spirituality, with the Church caught in the middle and perpetually tempted to side with one or the other, but called by God to be itself. I trust in the power of the Holy Spirit that she will do just that.

Well done, good and faithful servant, James Foley.

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  • Joseph

    It’s terrible what happened to Foley. I feel terrible for him and his family. I hope this serves as a megaphone for the otherwise silent inhabitants of that land. I also hope that it will help put political pressure on the people who should really be dealing with this immediately, the so called peaceful Muslim majority. If they continue to allow it to happen then I’m sure there will be many people around the world who will take it as evidence that there is no such thing and the platform of political correctness from which they demand differentiation while claiming more political power and protection erodes.

    My hope is that we don’t end up having to send forces to do the job of the either apathetic or tacit supporters of these animals who share the same religion of peace. This beheading has resulted in the war drums being beat in the UK. Also, some political leaders are asking for more security measures against the Muslim communities considering the Muslim who took sawed off Foley’s head was apparently educated in the UK. It’s odd that it took the death of a journalist to really generate American interest though.

    God rest his soul. Perhaps if the peaceful majority of Muslims wanted ISIS out of their lands bad enough and were actually troubled by their actions, he’d be alive and well today. His blood is on their hands.

  • JJG

    May his soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

  • anna lisa

    We are *all* a part of this gut wrenching struggle. God Bless that beautiful man, and son, mowed down in the flower of his youth. May God console the loved ones he left behind.

  • E Brown

    Apparently, he’s an Islamic martyr, as he converted soon after his capture.