One California Town’s Answer to Police Brutality…

One California Town’s Answer to Police Brutality… August 22, 2014

…has lowered the use of force by 60%.  It’s pretty simple: the cops are required to wear video cameras while on duty.

One unexpected side effect of the surveillance state is that the police are being watched too.

So when some cop decides to show a guy in a wheelchair who is boss:

or bash in a woman’s face:

We, increasingly, see it too. And sometimes, the cop actually faces consequences for his actions that go beyond Severe Vacation with Pay.

I suspect this state of affairs won’t last since our Ruling Class dislikes accountability and will find a way to exempt its enforcers from having to abide by the rules they place on the rest of us. Such laws will likely be abolished. What won’t be so easily abolished is private citizens with cell cams and Youtube access. It’s healthy when the state fears us seeing what they are doing. That is as it should be.

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