Crowdsourcing Some Ideas from My Readers

Crowdsourcing Some Ideas from My Readers September 30, 2014

A reader writes:

Here in our small southern town, it is difficult for me to give my kids a strong sense of Catholic identity.  I do what I can at home, but the vast majority of their friends are Protestant – many anti-Catholic. My children are firmly Catholic, but they have no concept of what it is like be immersed in Catholic culture. (I’m realizing that we might have to get them out of Arkansas in order for them to have that experience.)  We are looking for a summer camp for our younger children, but I’m also trying to find a Catholic work experience for young woman in our parish who is taking a gap year (or two) before finishing college.

Right after college (before becoming Catholic) my husband and I worked at a Christian outdoor education center.  Working in such a strong Christian environment really helped to get our marriage off on the right foot before getting busy with adult life and careers.  I’d like to help this young woman find a similar experience only in a Catholic job where she can see what life is like among faithful young Catholics who are excited about their faith.  This young woman is not necessarily looking for a career – just an interesting job in a strong Catholic environment.  She needs an immersion experience.  Any ideas?



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