FOX: Raising cynical nihilistic nonsense to an art form

FOX: Raising cynical nihilistic nonsense to an art form September 23, 2014

A reader nicely sums up the latest nonsense from the FOX Ministry of Truth:

Obama has too much power, is breaking the constitution, and is waging a war on Christians.

We should give him the power to put enemies of the state in concentration camps based solely on their religion.

Also, don’t forget that we all need to be armed in order to fight off Obama’s SS when those jackboots of tyranny come looking for good white Christian folk–and also to help them round up Muslims and illegals and send them to those camps.

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  • marcusgz

    I have enough of your hate filled belittling comments.

    • jroberts548

      If Fox News didn’t want to draw such comments, maybe they shouldn’t support putting Muslims in concentration camps.

      • jaybird1951

        Fox News doesn’t support that. One panelist on one show made those comments. Sheeesh!

        • Joseph

          Hmmm… I’m trying to figure out if you’re just being ironic. It’s hard to tell. The posts and comboxes on this blog are usually dripping with wit.
          That’s funny though!

        • jroberts548

          1. That one panelist is a regular contributor to Fox News. He works for a hedge fund. Why bring a hedge fund person on to talk about racial profiling, unless you value his insight?

          2. Even if we pretend that Hoenig isn’t basically an employee of Fox News, and wasn’t brought on the show just to advocate putting Muslims in concentration camps, the Fox News host was advocating profiling. What do you think racial profiling is? And what do you think law enforcement is?

          It’s stops, searches, arrests, and detentions. When you advocate racial or religious profiling, you’re advocating cops stopping, searching, arresting, and detaining people based on their race or religion. So even if Fox News wasn’t advocating for concentration camps, they were advocating for stops, searches, arrests, and detentions of people based on their race or religion. If they’re putting people in the county jail instead of concentration camps, it’s still wrong.

          • IRVCath

            Not to mention that after the Muslims, we Catholics will probably be next if it reaches that level.

        • chezami

          By welcoming him to the conversation, FOX signals its viewers that such views are “on the table”, just as by *refusing* to welcome David Duke, FOX signals that his views are *not* on the table.

    • chezami


  • john smith

    Uh, is there a specific article or op-ed to which this is supposed to be a response? You haven’t even provided a link. This is the definition of “unhinged rant.” But thanks for making us privy to an email exchange wherein you and some anonymous reader froth over how much you hate Fox News, I guess?

    • jroberts548

      Here’s a link to the post which prompted the comment.

      Fox News, which routinely accuses the President of exceeding his constitutional authority and of being anti-Christian, is supportive of profiling Muslims, perhaps even to the point of putting them in concentration camps.

    • kenofken

      It’s a rant which accurately lampoons a pattern of thought and behavior in conservatism which dates back more than 30 years. Since the dawn of the drug war that pattern has been 1)Eliminate due process and give the government the power and mandate to lock anyone up for anything forever, militarize law enforcement, kill anyone who shows the slightest hint of resistance, and generally foster the creation of a surveillance and prison state that exceeds even that of our former Cold War enemies.

      Of course tyranny always outgrows its masters, and when that system fails to confine its depredations to poor and dark-skinned and foreign folks, these same conservatives freak the hell out, blame a liberal president for abusing the Sauronic powers they bestowed upon him, and start panic buying semi-automatic rifles (as if that will do any good). Then they hand even more power to the tyrant to crush some group they hate or fear even more than him. Then more polemics and more trips to the gun stores…It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic and dangerous. It’s like a dog going after the same skunk week after week. They just can’t connect the cause and effect dots…

      • Joseph

        Though I agree with you, I think that you fail to point out that it’s actually the same mentality in liberalism (in case you haven’t noticed, the so-called Democrats favour the same ideals… except they look through a different side of the same prism, if you will). They are in league with one another.

        • kenofken

          It is true that we could not be in the state we’re in but for the total complicity of Democrats. They went along for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, they answer to the same paymasters ultimately, as their GOP counterparts. They differ only on a couple of culture war social issues like abortion and gay marriage which are utterly unimportant to the people who really run our country.

          Secondly, today’s Democrats are the product of a very successful effort by the GOP to claim the law and order and strong on defense brand. Since the Carter years, we’ve been sold this idea that Democrats will surrender the homeland to the first foreign enemy they meet, throw the prisons open, and assign a black rapist and/or gang member to every cul-de-sac in middle class suburbia, the moment they take office. A generation of political advisers have been telling their Democrat clients that voting against ANY incarceration bill or war would cost them any chance of national office and get their Y-chromosome revoked.

  • Red

    Right on Mark! Those stupid, inbred, white, rednecks also keep reporting on abortion as if it isn’t a woman’s right. I mean seriously, get with the program!

    • chezami

      You realize, don’t you, that this comment is pure idiocy?

      • Red

        Actually I do. Isn’t extreme hyperbolic rhetoric fueled by unchecked emotion fun? Fox News certainly seems to think so. As does Mr. Shea. A quick glance at your posting history seems to demonstrate your fondness of the technique. Round and round we go.

  • jroberts548
  • Joseph

    Mark, I agree with you on your criticisms of Fox News, but surely you don’t believe that it is the only twisted news source out there. It’s just the easiest target.

    • Dave G.

      I’d like to think not. That FOX is alone the problem in modern media is a narrative supported by, well, the rest of the modern media – which is usually just as bad, if not at times worse. And I lump talk radio and comedy central in that mess that is modern discourse and conveying information.

  • Jeff Roberts

    Before I could spell neo-con I was reading Pat Buchanan’s autobiography Right From the Beginning. He convinced me that real conservatives opposed bombing civilians (Hiroshima) and the Japanese internment. His dad taught him the immorality of those acts.

    Ten years ago, he begrudgingly ran McGrath’s article.

    I don’t think you can discuss the topic honestly without bringing up the Magic files. But then Faux News would support internment without such evidence.