Laughing and Fistbumping as they Beat a Handcuffed Nurse

Laughing and Fistbumping as they Beat a Handcuffed Nurse September 22, 2014

…the LAPD cops forgot that the growth of the surveillance state is not an unalloyed benefit to the police it is supposed to empower.

One presumes they will get the customary Severe Vacation with Pay for beating the living daylights out of a defenseless woman. But now and then justice is done when they get caught like this.

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  • Mike Blackadder


  • Hematite

    And the beat(ing) goes on. I think that these cops have the mindset of an occupying army rather than as protectors of a community that they have a stake in.

  • StumbleBumble

    Sad these “public servants” displayed such behavior, glad they were caught.

  • Joseph

    Well, the LAPD is progressing, they’re clearly working on their discrimination problem. It appears that police brutality is not only for black folk any more.
    On a more serious note, I’m glad that this woman walked away with only deep bruises. The way her head hit the pavement it could have been much worse. Those women-beaters need to spend some time in county jail for aggravated assault. Imagine the fun their cell mates would have. A cop and a woman-beater… it’s a perfect package.

  • jroberts548

    “Blah blah wait for the full investigation blah blah blah split second decisions yadda yadda do you even know any cops? My friend / cousin / uncle etc.”

    • Joseph

      I’ve been watching this tread waiting for that too.