The Imaginative Conservative is such a refreshing contrast

The Imaginative Conservative is such a refreshing contrast September 23, 2014

…to the Thing that Used to be Conservatism.

Here’s a piece by the inimitable Brad Birzer on the Conservative Humanist.

Here’s a piece on Tolkien’s Imagination of the Good.

Here’s a piece on the feminism of B16:

One of the greatest lies propagated by Western liberal media is that Pope Benedict XVI was a crusty old miser and “patriarchal” figure who upheld ideas and practices demeaning to women. This lie is, of course, most harmful to women, who—in Benedict XVI—had an advocate unlike any Pope in recent history. Nothing could be further from the truth than to accuse Benedict XVI of being an “enemy” of women. In fact, he was the Catholic Church’s greatest feminist. No greater testimony to Benedict XVI’s feminism exists than his inspiring Holy Women, a collection of his speeches on the mystical mistresses of the Catholic Church.”

And here’s a beautiful eulogy by David Schindler to the late great Stratford Caldecott.

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