There are still a lot of really good cops

There are still a lot of really good cops September 3, 2014

Like this guy, f’rinstance.

"I just have to say that what you wrote sounds creepy."

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  • The title inadvertently contains an implication that the good police officers are the exception rather than the rule. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve felt mistreated by police – in minor ways, at that. The times I’ve been helped, often above and beyond what was required, is many times that.

    • jroberts548

      Well, if it isn’t happening to you personally, it isn’t happening.

      “How could Nixon have won? Nobody I know voted for him.”

      • Benjamin2.0

        He seems to be acknowledging that it does happen to him but far less frequently than the contrasting behavior. Are you saying that “bad cops” outnumber “good cops” or just dismissing anecdotal data? Statistical information is nothing less than anecdotal information normalized for time and population. Furthermore, it seems to me the good father has had more interaction with police than I and any two of my friends combined, from his crude numbers (I doubt my personal interaction with the police would fill one hand, good or bad).

        • jroberts548

          When people complain about bad cops, cops not being sufficiently helpful to whites with post-baccalaureate education is at the bottom of what’s wrong with cops. Excessive use of SWAT teams on search warrants, excessive force, mistreatment of prisoners, murdering black and hispanic kids, raping women in jail, abuse of asset forfeiture, etc. are the problems with bad cops.

          The cops who beat prisoners, etc. are bad cops. The cops who protect their bad cop coworkers are bad cops. Not mistreating one guy doesn’t make you not a bad cop. If it does, we should think about the absurdly low standards we’ve set for cops.

          • Benjamin2.0

            Gut the unions. Treat crimes committed by police as crimes, prosecuting accordingly. In a system where evil brings profit and virtue none at all, and the criminals go free with mere reprimands, it’s fascinating how few of the police are murdering rapist thieves. Certainly, though, in such a system which doesn’t punish wrongdoing, the wrongdoers will do wrong unhindered; they could even be free to do wrong to honest men in their ranks who oppose them. It wouldn’t take many to give the whole bunch a bad name among those unwilling to make distinctions – those who think all people in blue uniforms look the same.

      • I think our points mesh well with each other, in addition to what I think Mark’s goal was in this post.

        With the media always focused on the bad news that sells, and given the generally limited contact most people have with police its easy to forget that most police – like most people – are good folks trying to good, even if imperfectly.

    • Mike Blackadder

      I think that Mark is simply acknowledging that we’re talking an awful lot about bad cops lately.

  • Dave G.

    Nice. Yes, police, like most groups, are for the most part good by rule, bad by exception. Part of it is the news. Just like we hear about the one plane that crashes but seldom hear breaking news about the endless numbers that arrive safely and without problems. Good to remember.

  • jroberts548

    The problem with cops isn’t that they’re insufficiently charitable. It’s that when their co-workers set babies on fire with tear gas grenades, or murder unarmed kids, or shoot dogs, etc., all the good cops take the bad cops’ side.

    • AquinasMan

      “All the good cops take the bad cops’ side”

      You know, all the good priests take the side of the pederasts.

      • jroberts548

        But they don’t. You’re ignoring the reforms made, especially since 2002, by the previous Pope, both as Pope and as head of the CDF.

        You’re not really being fair to priests. If priests had a labor union that went to great lengths to make sure priests could abuse children with impunity, then you might have a fair comparison.

        • kirtking

          Police and priests are mirror images of the problem. Police use fellow laborers (i.e., their union) to protect themselves from consequences of their bad acts imposed by supervisors. Priests benefited from their supervisors protecting offenders from other laborers.