Acceptable Losses

Acceptable Losses October 20, 2014

Low wage workers are lazy and deserve to be punished with death, like this woman. They are Takers who do not deserve a living wage. Unlike productive Makers such as the millionaire members of Congress or the living saints like Donald Trump and Paris Hilton who totally deserve their earnings due to hard, productive work.

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Dear Prolife Suckers

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  • Andy

    Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord,
 and let perpetual light shine upon her.
 May she and the souls of the faithful departed,
 through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

    I found this prayer on-line at the Religious Action Center and is seems to me so appropriate in the world today – perhaps each of should read and think about this before launching into the usual tirade of economics and attacks.

    Our God and God of our ancestors, you bless us with abundance and
    prosperity for which we are truly grateful. With humility and respect, we
    acknowledge the people who work night and day so that we will have food on our
    tables, clothes on our bodies, care when ewe are sick, and many other services
    we may not even be aware of that make our lives better easier more comfortable.

    God of justice, we pray for the workers in the fields, in the
    factories, in the hospitals, hotels and office buildings. May their work be
    safe from danger and fear. May their labors sustain them and their families
    with equity and dignity.

    God of forgiveness, we repent for our ignorance, our apathy, and our
    greed that makes us blind to the plight of so many of our brothers and sisters.
    Make us aware of the struggles of workers in labor in unsafe conditions, for
    too little money, for too many hours.

    Eternal God, give us the strength and passion to create a work in
    which there is no exploitation. Instill in us a burning, righteous indignation
    at the unjust treatment and suffering of working people. Free us so that we
    might dedicate our hearts and lives to a vision of life with security, dignity,
    and sustainability for all people. Amen.

    • The Next to Last Samurai

      Well, Mark, I must disagree. This woman made foolish choices. If she’d had the sense to choose wealthy parents, she’d still be with us.

  • petey

    i read that when it was published and there was not even a ripple of discussion, that i heard. why did labor’s voices not call for a memorial demonstration to her and the many others like her, going back a century and two? are we so brainwashed by capital that these are, in fact, acceptable losses?

    • cmfe

      ‘Labor” is currently on life support and struggling to stay alive.
      Well said, Mark. Thank you.

  • Joseph

    Yeah, but you see, *she* may have not been lazy, but *the rest* of em are. We’re just preventing the other lazy folks from making money that they don’t deserve. Ms. Fernandez is the *exception* not the rule. Too bad for her. She should have gotten a degree. Then she wouldn’t have been a casualty of the lowlife stoners she ended up working alongside — American Hyper-Capitalist.

  • Cypressclimber

    Trolling your readers again, I see.

    • chezami

      If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t, don’t.

      • Cypressclimber

        Whose point of view is represented by the paragraph you posted? Not your own. Whose? Please explain exactly the person you claim believes this. And how do you know there are people who believe this? Evidence?

        I noticed no quote marks. Nor nothing at the story linked to support this pseudo-quote. None of the comments there — when last I checked — expressed anything remotely like this sort of mindset.

        What, exactly, is the point of you rebutting points of view that you have to invent?

        • Joseph

          It is a taste of hyperbole mixed with the natural consequences of a particular ideological point of view.

          • Cypressclimber

            What “particular ideological point of view” do you have in mind?

            • Joseph

              Gee, I don’t know.

              • Cypressclimber

                Neither do I. I don’t know anyone who says the things quoted above.

  • Jonk

    I’m sure that if we just increase the minimum wage, the franchises such people work for will be able to pay them even more money, for even fewer hours. That way, they can get a fourth job to help make ends meet.

  • Michaelus

    Well like Janet Yellen, celebrity Fed Chairpersonage appointed by the Dear Leader, said she should have saved and invested as well as taken advantage of attractive Federal tax incentives and bought a new Prius.

  • Elmwood

    i remember GWB saying something idiotic like it was a wonderful thing that some single parent women had to work three jobs to make ends meet as if this was proof positive that our economy works great for all.

    • Joseph

      No he said something along the lines of it gives them the opportunity to ‘put food on your family’.

  • Sharon

    Oh Mark, couldn’t you have just linked us with this story without using Maria as a cudgel to beat those you don’t approve of?
    I’m really glad you give us the ability to post as a guest because Discus requires consent to access contacts’ email addressed and other private info for the privilege of commenting.

  • Paul

    I think we need to consider “Living Wages” on par with the need to control pollution. We don’t accept a company belching filth into the air or water.
    As much as I would like to think that corporations would be responsible in the wages that they pay their employees, I think we have to come to grips with the reality that this isn’t going to happen.
    Our system is broken and it is broken bad.
    The root cause of the problem is the inflation of the money supply that continuously devalues the purchasing power of the middle class, turning them into the lower class or dependent class. Inflation that is brought about through the creation of government debt and through formerly criminal financial derivatives. Those at the top of the feeding trough, where the inflated money enters the marketplace, continue to gorge themselves. Meanwhile, the rest of hard working Americans see their once decent wages and modest, meager raises slip further and further behind in purchasing power as the well connected corporations, banks and military contractors soak up the benefits of fiat currency expansion.
    What mystifies me in all of this, is the middle classes’ complete lack of awareness of what is happening to them. So called social conservatives, who have aligned themselves with the Republican party because of their perception that they care about life issues and family values, imbibe lock stock and barrel all of the other crap that Republican party spews with regard to economic policy. Don’t get me wrong, the Democratic party is no safe haven, but the Republican party has proved to be much more dangerous in the long run for the lives of everyday Americans who were lucky enough not to be killed by their mothers.
    We need to face facts, we are never going to get to the root of the problem by continuing to do what we have always done for the past 40 years. We are never going to put a hold on inflation – there is no will to change things at the top.
    The time is now to start demanding a living wage for all people – if for nothing else than to scare the $h1t out of the ruling elites. Trickle down economics is pure horse crap. The Republican party needs to go the way of the Whigs that they have become.

    • Jonk

      I’m not sure they’re terribly “scared” of increasing wages and reducing hours among the hoi polloi, if it satisfies them enough that they stop pointing out the real scam the ruling class is up to.