Baltimore Cops Beat up Innocent Old Lady

Baltimore Cops Beat up Innocent Old Lady October 21, 2014

discover that she’s tougher than they realized.

Baltimore is hemorrhaging money from suits against cops.  Naturally, the bureaucrats don’t think of hiring better cops, they think of screwing the victims out of money.  Smart.

"I hope this tormented person takes your sane, kind advice."

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  • Joseph

    It’s good that they didn’t taser her to death like the cops are so prone to do with *unruly* senior citizens.

  • jroberts548

    The only thing that will stop this is holding cops personally liable for their intentional torts, by allowing the city to seek indemnification from them.

    • Joseph

      And that’s the only thing that the government won’t allow. Instead, they’ll make it a *push* and let homeowners shoot cops breaking and entering into their home (as if that’s a viable solution).

  • Pete the Greek

    Add to that this cop will never live down the fact that he was locked up by a 70 y/o lady.

    • Joseph

      He won’t let it happen again. Next time she gets the taser of death. He probably didn’t go completely medieval on her because he saw his mom in her eyes for just a split second. Never again… she’s goin’ down. That’s how American cops learn their lessons.

  • Jonk

    So much for The Thing That is Supposed to be Conservatism docilely following the Heaven-appointed state.

    Seriously, though, I say that whenever a judgement or settlement is leveled in favor of a victim in a use of force incident, everyone in the officer’s chain of command is on the hook for a portion of the money as a proportion of their city-paid wage.

    (Cities have a tendency to settle even when they shouldn’t, which bugs the heck out of cops. This would reduce that problem, and make them happy, as well.)