Gay In Christ Conference Sounds Promising

Gay In Christ Conference Sounds Promising October 28, 2014

A reader writes:

I’m writing from the University of Notre Dame with what I believe to be welcome news in the current confusion surrounding the Church and homosexuals. Our Institute for Church Life will be hosting a conference “to explore appropriate pastoral strategies for Catholic parishioners who regard themselves as non-heterosexual, but who accept Catholic Church teaching on marriage and sexuality.” The conference is this weekend.

Among the speakers will be Eve Tushnet and Melinda Selmys, whose blogs I found through yours and whom I greatly respect, and Sr. Anne Astell, a beautiful and faith-filled nun who is frequently seen wearing her habit at Sunday Mass here at the University. Not to mention John Cavadini, who was knighted by the Vatican not long ago, making him one of the few people in the world allowed to ride a horse in St. Peter’s Square! All of which is to say that, based on my knowledge of the folks involved, this conference appears to be shaping up to be in line with Church teaching and not some form of covert dissent.

If you think it sounds worthwhile, could you put a plug on your blog for this event?

Consider it plugged. I’m not gay, but I’d go just to hear Eve and Melinda, who are both smart and faithful Catholics I respect a great deal.

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