It is incredible–and embarrassing–that Catholics are wasting their time promoting geocentrism

It is incredible–and embarrassing–that Catholics are wasting their time promoting geocentrism November 15, 2014

The latest spectacle demonstration of the conservative cafeteria’s spectacular charism of imprudential judgment and visible-from-space Wrongness is on parade as poor Jimmy Akin is forced to watch The Principle so we don’t have to. He discusses it here and here. I’m told he will have a third installment soon.

Meanwhile, Dave Palm over at Geocentrism Debunked writes:

The really exciting thing about this latest update of Geocentrism Debunked is that I didn’t write any of the new material myself. Others are seeing the problems with the geocentric enterprise and weighing in.

Over four years ago physicist Dr. Tom Bridgman issued the “Lagrange point challenge” in response to geocentrist Rick DeLano’s breezy claim that “Geocentrism perfectly accounts for LaGrange points”. We’ve already seen in past articles that their “answer”, four years in the making, consisted of basic math blunders and material plagiarized wholesale from two scientists. Now, in a new article Dr. Bridgman adds his own commentary on the failure of the new geocentrists to meet his challenge: Dr. Tom Bridgman Weighs in on Geocentrists Flunking the Lagrange Point Challenge.

Camille M. Carlisle, the science editor at Sky & Telescope magazine, has weighed into the geocentrism controversy with a new article. I am very pleased that other people of faith—-in this case specifically a Catholic—-are pointing out that the arguments deployed by the new geocentrists are not just bad science, but bad philosophy and bad theology as well. Wow, bad science, bad philosophy, bad theology—it’s a dangerous combination. See Protecting Faith From Pseudoscience, by Camille Carlisle.

Robert Sungenis, the leader of the modern geocentrists, attempted to rebut Miss Carlisle and demonstrated yet again that he is simply not competent to handle even high school level physics. Dr. Alec MacAndrew has drafted a new piece pointing out still more basic errors in Sungenis’s work. These are compounded by Sungenis’s replacement of the well-known and perfectly adequate mechanism of gravity with a made-up medium that, “magically [does] just what he needs it to do, while remaining completely undetectable whenever he doesn’t need it.” See “Elementary Physics Blunders in Sungenis’s Reply to Sky and Telescope’s Camille Carlisle”.

And I found a great article written some months ago by one “Anthony T”, who does a fine job of critiquing geocentrism scientifically, philosophically, and theologically. Be sure to check out Geocentrism: A Dangerous Pseudo-Science by “Anthony T”

As somebody who is frequently informed by the Greatest Catholics of All Time that Protestant converts like me are “invaders” who are trying to turn the Church into a Protestant sect in our image and likeness, I find it absolutely hilarious that the most credulous suckers for the sheer Protestament Fundamentalist claptrap of Sungenis and DeLano are *always* the same hyper-Traditionalists who imagine they are preserving the Pure Faith from our evil Pope and Magisterium. Nobody is doing a more thorough job of transmogrifying the Faith into a small and ridiculous Protestant sect than the Reactionaries who seriously believe that geocentrism and a non-rotational earth are somehow essential Catholic doctrines.

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