Sooooooooooooooooooooo Seattle

Sooooooooooooooooooooo Seattle November 26, 2014

Mayor of Seattle Pardons Tofurkey

In fact, however, tofurkey is unpardonable.

"The NY Review of Books is more credible than you are."

If Isaiah were writing today
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If Isaiah were writing today
"It has to do with people JUST like you, Jack!"

If Isaiah were writing today
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If Isaiah were writing today

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  • Dan13

    Both literally and figuratively. As an aside, I’ve always hated the presidential turkey pardon. It would only mean something if the president ate vegetarian that day. Otherwise, it is, “I won’t eat this turkey, but I’ll eat that turkey.”

    • It really is such a stupid, meaningless tradition. And I bet if a president tried to stop it, there would be a huge, national, stupid outcry.

    • wlinden

      And there would probably be rants about how “the usurping foreign president refuses to do the turkey pardon because it will be slaughtered in accordance with MUSLIM SHARIA LAW…”, or something that made an equal amount of sense.

  • Tofurkey – the unwritten subject of Mark 3:29.

  • Paul

    So what happens to the Tofurkey in question? Are they just going to release it into the wild where it will decompose?

    • Ironically, or perhaps stupidly, it will be given to a food bank. Whence it will be eaten, one supposes. This is, of course, exactly the opposite of the presidential turkey pardon, in which the bird is pardoned exactly that it NOT be eaten.

      • Paul

        So its not really a pardon….but a stay of execution