Australia Just Showed the World…

Australia Just Showed the World… December 15, 2014

Exactly How to Respond to Terrorism.

Well done, Oz!  Well done!

"Quantum Entanglement for Babies.Truly brightened my day."

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  • Clare Krishan

    …meanwhile the schools are on lockdown here in PA because a
    PTSD-afflicted ex-Marine had a ‘domestic’ situation and killed 6…
    “Bradley William Stone, 35 of Pennsburg, is considered armed and dangerous. ”

    pray they catch him quick and that St Michael protects all in local law
    enforcement as they risk their lives to keep us safe…

    Our Lady of Czestochowa pray for us.

  • Mark R

    I like it. I live in an area with lots of veiled young women and I think they are the real saints of the Muslim world, i.e. they are not promised goodies like Islam promises men, yet women are the best examples of what is best in Islam.

  • Fesantplucker

    That’s nice, since they’re certainly going to be having to respond to a lot more of this given both the Islamic population there and the incompetence of law enforcement to identify and neutralize Islamist threats:

    • Dan C

      This is inflammatory and hate-filled.

      I could very well indicate that the rise of the red-neck conservative means more this:

      Because I can indulge in hate and wrath of conservatives Just as you can of your enemies. But there is a better way. Why don’t y.ou backtrack from this simean attitude and show some respect

      • Fesantplucker

        Inflammatory it may be, but not hate-filled. The incompetence of law enforcement in this case enabled the tragedy that this serial offender perpetrated. It was, moreover, motivated by religious sentiments of the perpetrator. Those sentiments are identifiably Islamic. Alas, they are not perversions of Islamic teaching, but its doctrine faithfully followed. Indeed, he clearly was a conservative in his tradition, following the teachings of the Koran as guided by the Hadith (Sunna). It is not the only response of a faithful Moslem, but it is one faithful response to that tradition which allows no allegorical, tropological, or anagogical interpretation of its scriptures, since the Koran is not the inspired but rather the literal word of God. I’ve yet to read about whether he likes country music or pork rinds, but his treatment of his wife may indeed qualify him as a red neck.

        • Dan C

          Should we assign the crazy motives of American shooters (like in Lansdale, PA) to Christianity, and back it up with bullshit lines from the Gospels. You embarass yourself there.

          Likely any previous incompetence of law enforcement will actually be addressed or discussed in Oz. Unlike killing unarmed black children in the US. But hey, fear is the ruling power of the conservative mind. It dominates and warps you guys. You sound nuts.

          • Fesantplucker

            I’m not sure I qualify as conservative, at least not in this neighborhood. I think police militarism and default aggression need to be dialed back. The obvious problem with your argument is that Islam can be plausibly said to encourage terror, especially in its repristinized forms (and all “religions of the book” cycle through repristinizing movements). Repristinized Christianity takes us back to Christ and the age of martyrs. I’m not saying Islam lead ineluctably to terror, but its doctrine if read according to Islam’s own required hermeneutic, does support aggression of all kinds against non-believers.

            • Dan C

              Christianity has functioned in this century in this country as no less violent. The OT is the “go to” book for this. Check out conservative blogs from 2002-2004 and look at the lovely odes to Lepanto.


              If you want to concentrate on the worst, so can I.

              • D.T. McCameron

                Is there something wrong with Lepanto, or is it the odes to it by conservatives that is the problem?

                Because Europe being spared Muslim oppression/Ottoman enslavement thanks the the Intercession of Our Lady seems a hard story to twist (indeed, I think the mental gymnastics required would result in the mind twisting instead.)

                • Dan C

                  Lepanto is code for Islam hate.

          • briest

            Did the Lansdale shooter proclaim his motive as Christianity?

      • Fesantplucker

        BTW, yes I agree that the Aussies’ #illridewithyou is a nice little expression of civic charity for people who may be vulnerable to public derision and intimidation.

  • D.T. McCameron

    “This hashtag movement is powerful sign…”


    • Dan C

      Thank goodness you agree.


    • Vicq Ruiz

      But it IS powerful!!! Hashtags brought back the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram!!! Oh, wait….

      • chezami

        Your powerful advocacy of doing nothing is noted and dismissed.

  • Dave G.

    How awesome. Especially because this morning it looked so bad. Stories like this are a nice counterbalance to what we so often hear. I told my boys a couple weeks back it’s worth looking at the good sometimes. It’s out there. We brought up that despite all the bad we’ve heard, there’s good in our country. And it’s around the world, too.

    • Dave G.

      Though I should add that the more I watch the news, it appears it was handled about the way it would have been here, hashtag and all. I think it’s what we choose to focus on sometimes that makes the difference.

  • Vicq Ruiz

    Cry Havoc, and let slip the tweets of war.

    • Ez

      Just an update on the nightly news tonight… Police arrested a man 15mins from where I live, in Beecroft, on charges of planning a terrorist attack. They also arrested a boy in Melbourne for recruiting Isis members….and all this within 48hours of the Lindt cafe ordeal.

      And guess what? Both were Muslims planning attacks in the name of Allah.

      The Lindt cafe terrorist was a hate speech preacher with dangerous and inflammatory ideas about destroying the west. And the Islamic community who not long ago were attending his sermons and nodding, are now calling him a criminal with a mental disorder, and not one of them.

      Hmmmm. And the media wants to “ride” with them.

  • Ez

    Ill ride with you hashtag whatever. I’ll definitely not be doing any sympathising with the Muslim community on this one. I’ll stand back and watch with crocodile tears just like they do when a Non-Muslim gets attacked.

    Tweet that stupidity to the three innocent children who just lost their mother to this Sheikh- man of god. Or the young man who was shot in the head at close range.

    Don’t be fooled- The agenda of Islam is very real. I wander how many of them protected the thousands of Christians who were kicked out of their homes in Iraq or Syria? How many “Rode” with them? Wakeup! They rode them out if their homes- the oldest Christian civilisation is almost dead in Iraq….and the western white man continues to lay down for some more kicks in the ribs all around the world.

    Anybody who praises this trend is an idiot. I can tell you first hand that Australians are close to fed up with the Muslim community. It’s the celebrity and civil libertarians and those that don’t live in reality that start these tweets. The average Australian don’t want a bar of it. As don’t I!