Canada: It’s this whole ‘nother country

Canada: It’s this whole ‘nother country December 20, 2014

Drunk birds sober up in Environment Yukon holding tank
Bohemian waxwings get tipsy on fermented berries

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  • Fr. Denis Lemieux

    Bohemian waxwings – that’s the best part of this story: “I’m just a poor bird, from the North country (he’s just a poor bird from the north country, drunk on the berries and unable to fly!) Easy come, easy go, will you let me go (ach no, we will not let you go!)”

  • LFM

    I once lived in a house – not in North America – that had a small orchard full of fruit trees. When the fruit fell to the ground, it sometimes fermented in the sun, and the wasps would get tipsy from eating it.They demonstrated their condition by flying _upside down_ around the windfalls, or buzzing lazily in the grass, from which vantage point they would sting the feet of my brothers and me as we walked barefoot through the garden.