Chuck Norris Captures the Spirit of Christmas

Chuck Norris Captures the Spirit of Christmas December 8, 2014

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  • Catholic pilgrim

    Oh come on! Chuck Norris is just an actor. If he is a superhero, he will go to my house and slam my head to the keyboargdgddgdhdnxjdndrueobhocvrshgfsjfaesrblklkjsllofipiuogzstutvferyoaoeifusrgyehyfsrfplñoñooighbybhbvaxvvasszjzuhfeueslbvbirygbvktbhkid
    (Joke: off. That video was great! I love Chuck Norris; he’s Texas Ranger to me)

    • Rob B.

      Be honest, Catholic Pilgrim. He just reached out of the screen to do that, didn’t he? 🙂

      • Catholic pilgrim

        Rob, My face is still sore and bruised (*weeping sound*). Curse you, Chuck Norris!! Oh not again… no, please noadklfhdfladjfh;ldyl;jfdkaf