It’s a glorious day!

It’s a glorious day! December 3, 2014

’90s Kids Rejoice! The Spider Eggs They Used To Fill Beanie Babies Are Finally Hatching!

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Audrey Assad Breaks Your Heart
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Audrey Assad Breaks Your Heart
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Where Peter Is has a nice ..."

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  • Boethius

    Internet BS – they were filled with plastic beads… Although I suppose many will believe it with no thought and toss the toys, which may not be a bad thing…

  • Joseph

    Hahaha… these satire sites are getting out of hand. There were a lot of people who actually thought this was true. Hilarious… in a creepy sort of way.

  • D.C.

    This story is true. One ended up in my barn and wrote the words, “Some Pig” with her web above one doorway. Research that. It’s worth a google.