It’s really quite a cozy little planet God has created for us

It’s really quite a cozy little planet God has created for us December 20, 2014

We live in the hollow of his Hand, protected from all sorts of stuff that howls in the void outside and seeks our destruction. The earth is like a sheltered nursery or a warm cabin with a bright crackling fire in the fireplace while a storm rages outside the door and wolves stalk the dark wood we can see from the window. Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ for this amazing oasis in an absolutely hostile universe.

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  • faithmore

    The ‘absolutely hostile universe’ you speak of is teeming with life. Both Pope Francis and Brodther Guy Consolmagno, S.J. (MIT graduate and Pope’s chief astronomer) acknowledge the possibility of civilizations more advanced than ours to exist. Evidence from research conducted from over 30 years by independent firms and individuals of impeccable credentials confirms that indeed we are not alone in this “absolutely hostile universe”. My question: Was Christ present at the beginning of each and every solar system in the universe? I believe He was. With that knowledge, this little planet is not so cozy as one might think. Any comment?

    • chezami

      I have no problem with the idea of life on other world. If any of it is intelligent though, we will never meet. Even communication with be virtually impossible. My point is not to deny that possibility, but to rejoice in what a rare jewel this earth is.

      • faithmore

        I too rejoice in this rare jewel of our earth. What makes you think communication is virtually impossible? Not true. Research this subject and the evidence speaks for itself. The issue for our Church to answer: Where does Christ fit into the communication with belief system of intelligent life outside our cozy planet?

        • chezami

          Communication will be impossible because of distance. That’s assuming we ever locate a civilization, the odds of which are very low.

        • chezami

          As to the belief systems of totally imaginary civilizations, I recommend waiting until we find a real one. Meanwhile, everything is just us projecting our hopes and fears on to a blank screen:

      • Kristin

        We will never meet them in this life, maybe, but how about the next? I mean, the Beautific Vision will more than suffice, but aliens in heaven would be pretty cool, too.

    • chezami

      Of course Christ was present. “Without him nothing was made that has been made”. He is Lord of all Creation. Whether that creation includes life elsewhere is, at present, a matter of speculation, not fact.

    • Alma Peregrina

      I would like to see that “evidence” by “independent firms and individuals of impeccable credentials”.

      • faithmore
        • Alma Peregrina

          As I suspected… no information from published data or from reliable sources. Just youtube vídeos from conspiracy theorists.

          I have no problem in believing that there is life in outer space (even inteligente life) but there is no confirmation that extraterrestrial life exists at this point.

          If you want to believe that, that’s fine. But I won’t. I’ve seen some crazy stuff in youtube. That’s just more of the same.

  • pavel chichikov

    Even supposing subliminal travel, one can think of ways of directly communicating. Germ line nurseries overseen by intelligent machines is one way. But who knows? Physical science for the rest of time is unlikely to be a mere gloss on the Earthly science of 2014.

    Science has hardly begun to consider the nature and effects of thought.

    • faithmore

      You got that right. Check out the US Patent office on Mind Control, Unbelievable!. I am preparing a report countering the New Age false doctrines….very dangerous stuff.

  • RobW

    Lots of wolves inside the house as well. Not so cozy lately.

  • D.T. McCameron

    More often than not, the cozy cabin would be happy to kill us, too.

    And I suppose if He had wanted to create some fish-out-of-water just to see them flop about, that’d be His prerogative, but that sort of seems like a nonstarter.

  • Dave G.

    A universe that God created to be destructive and hostile, and saw that it was good.

    • D.T. McCameron

      How do you feel about the Warden’s monologue in Shutter Island?

      • Dave G.

        To be honest, I haven’t seen the movie. I hear it’s good. It’s just not my cup of tea. But based on what I found, it seems to be the ‘God loves violence’ take. Which would be right, if evolution is correct. Like my son noticed, if evolution is correct, then violence, destruction and carnage were all part of God’s plan from the beginning, long before sin entered into it. At least the sin of man. And if God saw that creation was good, and creation depended on violence and carnage, then God must have seen that violence and carnage were, in fact, good.

        • D.T. McCameron

          The ideal appeals to me, so I know it can’t be right.

          “violence, destruction and carnage were all part of God’s plan from the beginning, long before sin entered into it.”

          Maybe it is that sin retroactively broke the world, similar to Christ’s sacrifice working to save even those that lived before His time. And perfect His Mother, especially.

          ” then God must have seen that violence and carnage were, in fact, good.”

          Perhaps it’s all part of that weird way in which His grace can bring good out of evil. Just…a whole universe for the whole sum of time’s worth of violence.

          Or maybe even it’s just a matter of being “good enough” for the natural world, but unacceptable for beings made in His image?

          • Dave G.

            I don’t know. It is a puzzle. Traditionally, the idea was that sin brought death and destruction, hence creation groaned in anticipation of redemption right along with us people. But if evolution as presented is correct, then not only is destruction part of creation, creation in fact couldn’t exist as we have it without the carnage and death. And if the biblical witness is correct, God saw that it was good. We who are called to minister to the weak and the helpless are acting contrary to the very laws of creation that God created in which life as we know it came about, in many parts, by devouring the weak and the helpless. And that was how it was from the beginning.