Jody Bottum writes….

Jody Bottum writes…. December 5, 2014

Now that Advent is here, I thought I’d write you and some other of our Catholic blogging friends to see if there were any chance you might link to the promotional videos for my two new Christmas songs? I’ve been exploring lyrics as a species of poetry for a couple years now (including in my last poetry book), and a studio down in Nashville has just released this weekend two of the songs about Christmas, with a beautiful young woman named Mallory Reaves doing the vocals:

The songs are for sale, too, of course—only 99¢!—at iTunes,, and Amazon,

(PS—The video of “Some Come to See the Lord” was filmed by Margaret Craycraft, a Princeton senior and daughter of Ken Craycraft, whose writing you may remember.)

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  • michael ortiz

    Ok. This simply lovely. Thank you!