Since Charles Krauthammer is in the News Defending Torture

Since Charles Krauthammer is in the News Defending Torture December 15, 2014

…and various manly readers from Pewsitter have busied themselves in my comboxes with the standard “Real Men Torture in Order to Stop Evil, You Pantywaist Moral Idiot” rhetoric, as well as reciting the routine Ticking Time Bomb Scenarios, and resuscitating Fr. Brian Harrison’s long-repudiated-by-Fr-Harrison tormented attempt to claim that torture in pursuit of life-saving information is permissible, permit me to offer any readers confused by this propaganda an alternative Ticking Time Bomb scenario to make clear where this logic inevitably goes: the torture of children (since, as the Commies figured out long ago, people will respond to the agonies of loved ones much more readily than to their own).

Catholic Torture Defenders may, like the advocates of abortion who denied that it would lead to euthanasia, try to deny that their advocacy of torture will (and, in fact, already has) lead to the torture of children (not to mention threats to kill children). But that is merely because, like Catholic abortion supporters, they are living in denial of their own twisted and devilish rhetoric. The logic of Catholic torture defenses will *surely* lead there, and “faithful prolife” Catholic torture defenders will have to give an account for every word they say on That Day.

Avoid the everlasting fires of hell.  Stop defending torture.

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