The Theology of the Booty

The Theology of the Booty December 9, 2014

Protestant Fundamentalists out in deep space advocate husbands spanking their wives to correct their disobedience.

And yes, it’s not just Protestant Fundamentalists who are into this. Some not-at-all-creepy Reactionary Catholics think this is cool beans too.  (You really need to scroll through a couple pages of the discussion to get a full sense of the contours of this sick weirdness that whipsaws between fantasizing about beating women (for their own good) and then fantasizes about killing “truly abusive” men who “really” beat women.  Reactionary Catholicism at its most repellent and alienating.)

In other news about the strange affinity Fundamentalists and Reactionary Catholics have, Now The End Begins continues the project of making it extremely difficult to tell which of the two demographics is writing it.

The irony is that the One World Religion will be comprised of Fundamentalist Protestants and Reactionary Catholics united in their paranoid loathing of Pope Francis.

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