Today’s Act of Lying Desperation in Defense of Torture

Today’s Act of Lying Desperation in Defense of Torture December 15, 2014

Cowardly draft dodger defends anal rape.  He uses two lies to do this.  One is the vague suggestion that it was medical care because it was done in response to a hunger strike (you know, like refusing to treat bullet wounds, neglecting injuries until a prisoner lost an eye, and freezing prisoners to death was medical care).  The other lie is the claim that since no death or permanent injury resulted from anal rape, it was not torture.  This beloved argument of torture defenders is also a first class argument for all forms of rape.  “Prolifers for Rape”.  Catchy.  Enjoy your bedfellow, Catholic Torture Defender.

The Narrative of Torture Defending Lies and Sophistries in the media and in my comboxes seems to be clustering around “We didn’t torture and besides they deserved it, except for the ones who were innocent whose deaths don’t matter because War is Hell.  Also, the ends justify the means because it worked because we GOP spokesmen and CIA agents who refused to cooperate with the investigation and who have been lying through our teeth say so, without evidence.  And besides, pro-aborts issued this report, so it’s false despite its copious documentation.  Lots of countries use way worse torture than we do, so our tortures are fine.  Torture is sooooo impossible to define.  Lots more people commit the mortal sin of abortion, so my few beloved mortal sins (including threats to murder children) are perfectly fine and I will use unborn children as human shields to defend them.  Torture opponents are not Real Men like like damp-handed doughy coward Karl Rove and five time draft dodger Dick Cheney. And Shea is fat and obnoxious and nobody likes him anymore and he is no longer welcome at the Cool Kids table.  Everybody is saying so.  So shut up.”

That the “prolife faithful” Catholic torture defender should come to this.  Why die on this hill for *this* cause?  All that’s left you is naked, easily documented lies, consquentialism and the genetic fallacy.  Repent and receive the mercy of God.  It is hard for you to kick against the goads.

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