Today’s Advent Penitential Suffering

Today’s Advent Penitential Suffering December 2, 2014

HT: John Herreid

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  • bear

    Congratulations. you found one of th few things that can rival the Star Wars Holiday special.

    I wonder if they’ll come out with a new holiday special for the rebooted series?

    • Eli

      Star Wars Holiday Special II directed by Michael Bay!

      • bear

        The Holiday Season- now with extra explosions!

  • SteveP

    Uncle . . .

  • D.C.

    I recall as a tot not much more older than Cindy Lou Who, hearing the Grinch in the late 1960’s saying, “…maybe, Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more…” and thinking to myself as a child, “That must be what they call understatement.”