Two of the central lies of Torture Apologetics are now buried with stakes through their hearts

Two of the central lies of Torture Apologetics are now buried with stakes through their hearts December 9, 2014

The beloved lies that “only three high value targets” were tortured and that the torture amounted to nothing more than a “dunking“:

1. The CIA used previously unreported tactics, including “rectal feeding” of detainees (p. 100, footnote 584):

2. CIA officers threatened the children of detainees (p. 4):

3. Over 20 percent of CIA detainees were “wrongfully held.” One was an “intellectually challenged” man who was held so the CIA could get leverage over his family (p. 12):

4. One detainee, Abu Hudhaifa, was subjected to “ice water baths” and “66 hours of standing sleep deprivation” before being released because the CIA realized it probably had the wrong man (p. 16, footnote 32):

5. The CIA, contra what it told Congress, began torturing detainees before even determining whether they would cooperate (p. 104):

6. CIA officers began torturing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed “a few minutes” after beginning to question him (p. 108):

7. The CIA planned to detain KSM incommunicado for the rest of his life, without charge or trial (p. 9):

8. During waterboarding sessions, KSM made up a story that Al Qaeda was trying to recruit African-American Muslims…in Montana (p. 118):

9. In 2003, Bush gave a speech at a UN event condemning torture and calling on other nations to investigate and prosecute torture allegations. The statement was so at odds with US practices that the CIA contacted the White House to make sure enhanced interrogation techniques were still okay (pp. 209-210):

10. The CIA torturers told CIA leadership that torture wasn’t producing good information from KSM. But CIA leaders didn’t relay that information to Congress (p. 212):

11. A detainee was tortured for not addressing an interrogator as “sir”—and for complaining about a stomach ache (p. 106):

12. CIA officers cried when they witnessed the waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah (p. 44):

13. Within weeks of his arrival in CIA custody, Zubaydah was “on life support and unable to speak” (p. 30):

14. Bush Justice Department official Jay Bybee, who is now a federal judge, told Congress the torture of Al Qaeda detainees led to the US capture of Jose Padilla. That wasn’t true (p. 207):

15. The secretary of state wasn’t informed when the CIA made secret deals to open detention facilities abroad (p. 123):

16. Even President George W. Bush wasn’t informed where the facilities were—because he feared he’d “accidentally disclose” the information (p. 124):

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  • Just awful.

    It’s been a banner month for humanity, hasn’t it?

    • Dan F.


    • Rob B.

      Lord, have mercy. 🙁

  • Mark, I’m surprised — giving two lies a single heart? :^)=)

    The pursuit of good ends by evil means almost inevitably becomes the pursuit of the means for their own sake.

  • Rob B.

    Someone’s been a busy bee! 🙂

  • Jonathan Carpenter

    I think we should also look at the Congressmen and women who allowed this to happen and said nothing. I do not think anyone will because it may ask questions people do not want answered.

  • John

    The US is now a rogue state.

  • Liam781
  • kirthigdon

    While we’re on the subject of the torture report, let’s have a salute
    to those who exposed these atrocities years ago for the benefit of
    anyone willing to listen or read their books. I’ll specifically mention
    John Kiriakou, former CIA agent who wrote The Reluctant Spy, an expose
    of terror war torture practices. He resigned in protest against these
    practices and is still in prison for his whistle blowing. I’ll also
    mention Ali Soufan, former FBI agent who wrote The Black Banners.
    Although heavily redacted, his book was considered such a threat to the
    torture program that torture-meister Jose Rodriguez was brought on the
    O’Reilly show for an extensive interview to trash Soufan. As of last
    night, O’Reilly is still promoting torture.

    In truth, the CIA has been promoting torture and terror since its inception in the
    early Cold War era. But pre-9/11, the American spooks mostly just did
    the training and allowed their foreign assets to do the actual wet
    work. Post 9/11, torture was brought in-house.

    Kirt Higdon