Deacon Rex Pilger, Jr. writes

Deacon Rex Pilger, Jr. writes February 21, 2015

Are you, or is a man you know, called to be a Catholic deacon?

I am a deacon, husband, father, grandfather and research geophysicist. I taught thirteen years as a professor of geology and geophysics in a major state university, spent comparable time in the oil industry, and two stints in full-time parish and part-time diocesan ministry. The latter roles consisted of lay ministry formation and, over the last decade, instruction and formation of men preparing for the ordination to the permanent diaconate.

As I found myself studying the diaconate in theory and in practice, I became convinced that there are many laymen ministering in full-time seminary, college, or parish work, as well as secular employment (the source of most diaconal vocations), who, called by the Holy Spirit, could be even more effective in their ministry as a deacon. To this end, I have written a book, Every Man a Deacon?, to encourage Catholic laymen, with their pastors and wives (if married) to prayerfully consider whether they are indeed being called to be a deacon. The book has received an imprimatur from my Ordinary, Archbishop Samuel Aquila, STL.

Is it possible that you or some of your colleagues and friends might be called by God and his Church to the diaconate? I think my book can provide insight into the nature of the ministry and what it does for the Church and for the man himself. Would you like to take a look? Click this link for the paperback edition or Kindle for the electronic (you can buy both together at a discount).

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reply via my deacon blog.

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