Meet the Three Priests…

Meet the Three Priests… February 17, 2015

whose work may allow us to explore under the ice of alien worlds.

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  • Pete the Greek

    This is impossible because everyone knows that Catholics hate SCIENCE(TM)!

  • Catholic pilgrim

    Mark, how dare you question Militant internet Atheists’ dogma (based on the magisterial authority of Richard Dawkins & Christopher Hitchens) that science & religion are so irreconcilable that a huge abyss stands between them? How dare you shatter internet Atheistic Dogma? What are you gonna tell me next? That Catholicism embraces “Fides Et Ratio”? Or that the Vatican keeps an Astronomy institute? When pigs fly!

  • Francisco J Castellanos

    Me confused. Me thought we backward Catholics and our Church were enemy of Science. You know, Galileo and all that stuff? What’s next? Maybe they’ll discover important scientist in history like Bacon, Mendel, Lemaitre,Lamarck, Pasteur, Michal Heller and who knows how many others are backward Catholics too? Me very confused.