Tales of Burke/Bergoglio Schism are Greatly Exaggerated

Tales of Burke/Bergoglio Schism are Greatly Exaggerated February 13, 2015

So the big news last week was the ecstasy in Reactionary circles about Cdl. Burke “resisting” Francis. Reactionaries have been shouting “Let’s you and him fight” at Burke for ages and organs of reliably unreliable propaganda like Roarhate Daily and Lifesite have been in there doing their best to stir the pot against the pope. So the big headlines last week were stuff like “‘I will resist’ the Pope should he contravene doctrine”

Mhm. So here’s the actual story: Somebody asks Burke what he would do if the pope started attacking the faith and Burke, like Paul, says basically, “****If**** we or an angel of God preach some other Christ, let him be accursed.” The SSPX, that bastion of factionalism and hostility to the Church manned by such common sense people are Richard Williamson and similarly holocaust-denying kooks then picks up the story and trumpets it as a something close to a declaration of war. Reactionaries across cyberspace then manufacture a proclamation of defiance of pope Francis out of that like the liars they are and suckers among the Francis Haters believe and promulgate the lie.

Truth: He is not actually calling for any resistance, simply answering a question about a hypothetical situation as any orthodox Catholic would.

All that said, permit me to remark, as has been said 50 million times by Reactionaries about Francis, that it might behoove the good cardinal to be more careful in his phraseology and to perhaps reconsider giving quite so many interviews given how the wolves are hungry to misuse his words to sow dissent and discord.

If schism comes, it’s going to come from the Greatest Catholics of All Time, not the ordinary rank and file upon whom they look with such Olympian contempt.

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