The Patented Hitler Emoticon

The Patented Hitler Emoticon February 10, 2015

Vaccination wars and Seahawk liturgies getting you down? Remember that my patented Hitler emoticon[TM] can brighten *any* discussion with an irrelevant comparison of anybody or anything to America’s favorite tyrannical mass murderer.


Don’t like Pete Carroll’s bone-headed call? Just say, “That was dumber than Stalingrad!” and add the Hitler emoticon: /:E(

Somebody suggest that you have a moral responsibility to vaccinate? Compare them to Hitler! /:E(

One too many dog videos? Hitler liked dogs! /:E(

Greydanus making you crazy with superhero drool? Hitler thought he was a Superman too: /:E(

Patrick Madrid and Hitler *both* have mustaches! /:E(

Patrick Coffin is a constant reminder that Hitler put a lot of people in coffins: /:E(

The Hitler Emoticon can accessorize almost any internet conversation with demagogic power and cheap low rhetorical blows. And now you can own it for a low low price of $9.99 plus shipping and handling.

The Hitler Emoticon: Internet Erwache!

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