Ivan Dragicevic, Medjugorje “visionary”, thumbs his nose at the CDF

Ivan Dragicevic, Medjugorje “visionary”, thumbs his nose at the CDF March 21, 2015

Goes ahead and holds fake apparition show while claiming to be obedient to the Church. Medjugorje Today and related propagandists instantly gin up the propaganda machine for why it was okay to “counter” Rome. The centrifugal forces of private judgment and alleged obedience to the Church are going to tear Medjugorje apart. It’s a fraud. Avoid it if you are not involved and escape it if you are.

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  • Becky

    One thing that runs through all authentic devotions to Mary is the importance of the virtue of obedience. Any act of disobedience is a clear sign that this is NOT Mary the mother of God running the show.

    • Sue Korlan

      I agree. I went and listened to Ivan before the Nuncio issued his orders. During the apparition I heard an internal voice tell me to pray the rosary and fast. But as I’ve said before, the Church doesn’t usually approve of apparitions until they’ve ended in case the visionary starts speaking or acting in opposition to the Church. Which certainly is what appears to be happening here, although I could be wrong because I don’t know all the circumstances.

      • chezami

        The doesn’t *approve* apparitions till they are over. But she can *and has repeatedly* said that there is no evidence these are apparitions and two bishops have strongly discouraged people from buying these frauds.

    • phil

      Has mark shea ever been to medjugorje? If this was man made it would have failed years ago. Medjugorje is God made, consider the countless conversions which take place there every year, there are more confessions being said there than anywhere else in Europe including Lourdes and Fatima. For nearly 34 years now Our Blesses Mother has been calling us to conversion by saying the rosary, attending Holy Mass, attending confession, reading the bible and fasting. I pray Mark that Our Lady’s love wins in your heart because in one of her recent messages she tells us that hers is a love which forgives, gives and never stops. That is sometimg that I would not want to escape from.

      • Sigroli

        What about the love that obeys? “He who hears you hears me” (Lk 10-16).

      • Pete the Greek

        “If this was man made it would have failed years ago.”
        – Idiotic. Las Vegas was made by man and it’s still going strong, stronger and for longer than Medjugorje.

        Ironically, like Las Vegas, Medjugorje seems to be about making money too.

        “There will be false Christs and false prophets, who will rise up and shew great signs and wonders, so that if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived. Mark well, I have given you warning of it. If they tell you, then, See, he is here, in the desert, do not stir abroad; if they tell you, See, he is there, in hidden places, do not believe them.”

        • Anonomous

          “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” There is no possible way Medjugorje is from Satan. The rosary is the greatest weapon against Satan. Judge Medjugorje by its fruits. The world around us is falling apart. We humans are so stupid and slow to change. Mary has grown more urgent in her request for conversion and prayer because our time is running out.

          • Pete the Greek

            “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”
            – The Soviet Union stood for a LONG time. Scientology has stood for a long time. Shall I keep going?

            Yes, they all eventually fall, but not necessarily on your time line. That you still buy into this is just evidence that you really haven’t been paying attention.

            “Judge Medjugorje by its fruits.”
            – And much of this ‘fruit’ is VERY rotten and foul. Again, you have NOT been paying attention.

            “The world around us is falling apart.”
            – HOLY C**P! Welcome to what the world has been doing since…. well, since Adam decided he wanted an apple.

            “We humans are so stupid and slow to change.”
            – The fact that you don’t see the irony in you saying this in defense of Medjugorje is astounding.

            • Anonymous

              You seem like an angry and cynical man. It is a shame you put your faith in humanity and the things of this world. I pray for your conversion and the conversion of all unbelievers. I once held views like your own and I feel so lucky to have been blessed with faith in God. I hope
              you will someday feel the peace that only God can give you.

              • Pete the Greek

                “You seem like an angry and cynical man.”
                – LOL! No, just very intolerant of people who delude themselves to throwing away the whole Church to hang onto a false visionary.

                “It is a shame you put your faith in humanity and the things of this world.”
                – My Faith is in Christ and I accept the teaching of His Church. You on the other hand blindly believe what a government sponsored side show act in central Europe tells you to believe.

                “I pray for your conversion and the conversion of all unbelievers.”
                – I certainly appreciate the prayers, and need them. I will pray that when this entire Medjugorje thing collapses under the weight of its own BS, and the ‘visionaries’ walk off laughing at you with their profits, that your faith returns to the fullness of the Truth and does not collapse with it as often happens when people engage in mania like this.

                “I once held views like your own and I feel so lucky to have been blessed with faith in God.”
                – You mean faith in Medjugorj, right? That’s what you actually mean. Because on the teachings of the Catholic Faith, I very much doubt we differ at all (assuming you accept the teachings of the Church). The fact that you confuse your super favorite personal ‘visionary’, and a false one at that, with the fullness of the Catholic Faith is telling, but totally par for the course when it comes to Medjugorje people.

                “I hope you will someday feel the peace that only God can give you.”
                – I do, actually. In fact I feel fantastic in the knowledge that I am not being made a fool of by a group of people conducting a side show for gullible people who confuse private ‘visions’ with the teaching of the Church, and are doing it for nothing but publicity and profit (two things none of the REAL, APPROVED visionaries (Fatima, Lourdes) ever did.

                Well, my history is a bit hazy… perhaps you know! Did the children at Fatima ever set up a big marketing campaign and sell expensive ‘conference’ tickets and promote themselves for paid speaking tours? Just curious.

      • PalaceGuard

        “Has mark shea ever been to medjugorje? ” I’ve never been to Medugorge. Equally, I’ve never been to the Vatican. And yet, somehow, it is possible to discern that one of these two things is True.

  • mathe

    millions of people start to pray the rosary , is that not a sign that it is good? Tell me in what way praying the rosary and confessing endangers your soul . Tell me what heresies are being told at Medjugorge? Non. We have to be realistic, the vatican is nowadays quite paralyzed and caught up in church politics and bureaucracy .

  • mathe

    Lets be realistic , the church is in a crisis like never before ( I am a faithful catholic)
    We have seen what happened on the synod. Bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal. They tried to alter church teaching! Allowing communion to remarried people is a heresy. Now where is the danger , in Rome or in Medjugorje?

    • chezami

      No. You are not a faithful Catholic. You are a sucker following a fraud and ignoring Holy Church.

      • mathe

        In what way is praying the rosary and fasting and repenting fraud?

        • chezami

          It’s not–and you know it. Fraud is the claim that she is appearing to the huckster “visionaries” of Medjugorje.

  • mathe

    Why deny Mary the right to appear?

    • chezami

      Mary is not appearing, just a fraud who is hiding behind her skirts to sucker people.

      • mathe

        Why do you deny her
        the right to appear?

        • chezami

          She’s not appearing. Why do you repeat the lie that she is?

        • Eimeara Volodchenko

          We don’t Sir. Appearing is one thing, and of course She has done so in the past. But summoning Her on demand is quite another matter. Ivan, Mirjana, Vicka and Marija seem to think that with a click of their fingers, the Queen of Heaven is at their beck and call. I am with Chezami, she is not appearing in Medjugorje. Mary is not a literary critic approving of the Poem of the Man God nor does she predict soccer scores. Seriously how infantile can you get?

  • mathe

    We have to be obedient to the magisterium , but not blindly
    . Didnt Paul protest against Peter about the treatment of the gentiles?

    • chezami

      Ivan is no St. Paul. And the only blind follower here is you.

  • Lionel (Paris)

    I see that you are selective; however, I am not surprised, all mystico-dingos are like that!…

    Medjugorje Without a Mask


    An Inquiry on Ivan

    In September 2009 was announced a report , with a 97-page documental dossier, on real estate transactions made in the USA by the Medjugorje seer Ivan Dragičević.
    I chose to insert the link to this report, of course, only after verifying its reliability and validity: whoever would make their own verification, can use the various services in the United States that give, on payment, complete data on the real estate transactions of every citizen.
    In brief, what follows can be proved by documents and verified: Ivan, who is married with four children, at first contracted, on May 15, 2002, a mortgage loan for which he promised to pay $60,678 a year for 14 years, and then sold this residence for a new one in May 2004: 5,056 Sq. Ft. (land size: 13,844 Sq. Ft.) with a big swimming pool.
    This building is located at 5 Emily Ln Peabody, Massachusetts.
    In this case, the loan of $800,000 was to be repaid in 6 months (it was in fact paid off in a year).
    Here ‘s the original report (in Italian), from the website Abateoimpertinente, and here is an automated translation .
    Besides, here can be read the interesting developments and backlash of this report: in Italian , again from the website Abateoimpertinente, and in an automated translation .

  • Lionel (Paris)


    Medjugorje? Une imposture
    Paris, le 26 avril 2013 18h52
    “L’Ordinaire du lieu, habilité à statuer, s’est prononcé catégoriquement et par ailleurs, la Sainte Vierge ne peut pas dire de sottises ni semer le trouble parmi le clergé et les fidèles et encore moins se laisser bousculer par une bande d’exaltés; de plus, il est absolument impensable que la Sainte Vierge, la vraie, puisse être un “facteur de division dans l’Église” en exhortant le clergé et les fidèles à désobéir aux évêques successifs de Mostar-Duvno. Cet argument est, à mon avis, le plus déterminant pour dénoncer cette imposture.
    Il est de surcroît inadmissible qu’un cardinal, en l’occurrence l’Archevêque de Vienne, se prête à ce jeu diabolique…”, donc Medjugorje n’est rien d’autre qu’une imposture qui ridiculise l’Église.
    Je trouve insultant envers Notre Dame que l’on ose envisager qu’Elle puisse se comporter d’une manière aussi ordinaire et absurde. LD

  • Eimeara Volodchenko

    One has to feel pity for Ivan. After all it must be awfully difficult to communicate with his American wife, given the fact that he uses an Interpreter for his talks despite having lived in America for the last 20 years. Oh, and funny how Mirjana only speaks English when it suits her. Interpreter used during talks/q/a with pilgrims in her guest house. Of course they might ask awkward questions such as when are the secrets and signs going to happen…

  • Carolina

    have any of you actually been to Medjugorje? Have you seen the pictures taken there and the images that appear in the pictures? I have seen them. The first was in 1987. We were having our floors sanded by an older man from Portugal. My father was dying at the time. He told me the story and the mext day brought in some pictures. One was of a bush and a truslucent image of a very beautiful young woman holding out the rosary was in the picture. There were other pictures but the one of the woman, whom I believe was Mary, stayed in my mind. A few years later a woman named Marie Balter went to Metjugorje and was so effected by her experience she came and wrote songs about her experience. She had a picture that she took there and i cried when I saw it. It was the same beautiful face!
    Years later I spoke to a priest who had been there several times. He said there is undoubtedly something there.
    From what I understand, Ivan was scheduled for an appearance at my local church and that was also scheduled. I was very dissapointed. The bible is full of prophecies, visions and miracles yet when they happen… We refuse to believe.