Mazeltov, Mr. Stewart

Mazeltov, Mr. Stewart April 4, 2015
"Years, and years ago, when I read St. Mother Teresa say "they go to God!" ..."

Where Peter Is has a nice ..."
"Your second link read as black text so I didn't see it. It's a press ..."

Audrey Assad Breaks Your Heart
"A bold claim, please point out what I've said that's false."

Audrey Assad Breaks Your Heart
""If we reject that, we are Pelagians. We imagine we are Catholics, not by grace, ..."

Where Peter Is has a nice ..."

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  • Dave G.

    It’s tough to get over much of what Stewart stands for and advocates, but he can be funny.

  • Rachel

    Buh-BAM! Hahaha!

  • Faithr

    That was really funny! But actually there are children’s Passover songs and getting a prize for finding the afikomen and the 4 questions, which my kids were always thrilled to try to read in Hebrew. And it is the only time of the year we eat potato kugel so my kids actually like Passover.