The Shroud of Turin…

The Shroud of Turin… April 18, 2015

not a painting, not a scorch, not a photograph.

That’s cuz it’s the real thing. Challenge to Skeptics: If it’s medieval forgery made by and for primitive suckers then get with the program. We live in the 21st century. There’s nothing technological a medieval could do that we can’t do ten times better and faster. So make another one.  But do it using the 14th century tech you say created this.  And don’t give me this piece of carob on the right…

,,,and call it chocolate.  If that thing on the right is a “reproduction” of the Shroud then Justin Bieber is Enrico Caruso.

Of course, there may be a naturalistic cause for the Shroud, as Mike Flynn attempts to argue here.  If so, I have no big issues with that.  I merely note that it is certainly a teensy bit lucky that this purely natural thing only happened to the burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth out of all the people who have ever died in the history of the world.

Mike Flynn also does yeoman work tracing a route for the Shroud from the burial chamber of Joseph of Arimathea to 14th century Europe.

Not that Catholic faith rests on  the Shroud.  Millions of Christians have lived and died never so much as having heard of, let alone seen, it.  But such grace notes are kindnesses from a God who, under carefully controlled laboratory conditions and despite advice from the finest ideologues money can buy, does whatever he feels like.

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