Reckless Scientists in Communist China Treat Human Beings Like Commodities

Reckless Scientists in Communist China Treat Human Beings Like Commodities May 23, 2015

Rush in and do gene modifications because their ideology regards humans as nothing more than unusually clever piece of meat to be subjected to the caprice of human will, pride and greed:

The resulting embryos were a total mess. After applying CRISPR to 86 embryos, 54 of the surviving 71 embryos were genetically tested. Only 28 spliced successfully, and only a fraction of them contained the replacement genetic material. What’s more, the researchers found a surprising number of unintended mutations. The scientists decided to stop the experiment at this stage.

Forget everything else that is happening in the world. This is the cloud no bigger than a man’s hand that forebodes the real crisis facing our civilization. We are moving into Brave New World territory, when the powerful will be able to manufacture human beings to spec–and will be able to claim that–as product of manufacturing–their rights are subordinate to the rights of the manufacturer.

This, among many other things–including the manufacture of humanoids deprived of full brain development and various other degrading “modifications” to the genome useful to manufacturer–is all possible once fallen man with his itch to own, exploit, and enslave gets his mitts on the technology.

Gene science can, to be sure, used to the glory of God too. But nothing about this story suggests that the people doing this are thinking about that. They are thinking about power, profit, popularity, and prizes.

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