The Ransom of Red Chief, Christian Edition

The Ransom of Red Chief, Christian Edition May 13, 2015

Kidnapper releases kid who won’t stop singing gospel song.

I missed this when it happened, but it’s never to late to celebrate!

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  • I missed the story at the time as well……glad you posted the link.

    According to the report, the boy “began to sing a gospel song called ‘Every Praise is to Our God.’ The kidnapper started cursing and repeatedly told Myrick to shut up, but he wouldn’t. He sang the song for about three hours until the kidnapper let him out of the car.”

    I wasn’t familiar with the song, so I did an online search. After finding a recording of the song on Youtube, I think that, perhaps, the kidnapper may have released the boy because he (the kidnapper) was a music lover.

    Either way, I’m glad the boy was released unharmed.

  • iamlucky13

    Nice, obscure (at least for my generation) reference to a good short story.