Does God Really Love *You*?

Does God Really Love *You*? June 20, 2015

A reader writes:

I have a genuine theological question and I was hoping someone here could help me with this because I really don’t know the answer. The question is, why do people say “Christ died for me” or “Christ died for you?” How can any of us matter than much individually? I mean, hypothetically speaking, if you or me had never been born, wouldn’t He have still died for all the other people? How can anyone believe that Christ died for any of us personally as opposed to collectively? I’m not trying to be cute; I’m confused.

Because you are not a statistic. You are a person and God loves each of us personally. Christianity is not about generalities or statistical probabilities, but about the love of God for each and every person. God, being infinite and omniscient, can do that kind of thing. This is what Jesus is getting at when he says that the very hairs of your head are numbered. You–you personally–are precious to him.

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