Funniest Thing I’ve Seen This Month

Funniest Thing I’ve Seen This Month June 13, 2015

I have no idea who made this, but it is screamingly funny:

I’d love to see a treatment like this for previous encyclicals. My only regret: nobody says “In a world where…”

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  • Kurt 20008

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D.T. McCameron

    “C’mon, Francis, the power of me compels you!”

  • Andy

    Spectacular – coming soon to an encyclical near you

  • Padre Catacombs

    This is GREAT! Now all we need are Saints [sic] Barack Obama, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi to join him!

  • Clare Krishan

    The YouTube Channel is in Portuguese from Brazil, by ie folks who live in a country which belongs to the international BRICS coalition to challenge the US dollar for an alternative reserve currency to the private Federal Reserve Note (the dollar isn’t minted so its not regulated by Congress’s express coinage powers for controlling specie, instead this paper money is managed/controlled by a cartel of ‘politically-independant’ banks)

    An older clip on the UN’s climate change conference
    “OC :: Long term goal and urgency – Dublado” is dubbed from a European original that carries credits funding from an odd group of public and business interests: Velux windows (a Danish conglomerate that use petrochemicals to make the vinyl) and NASA. An Austrian social scientist Walter Peissl is a babyboomer active in ICT uses and abuses.

    I think the right wing in the US are concerned that the ideas for a new global reserve currency based on carbon-footprint rights (dubbed €CO2 riffin’ the

    €uro) are being manipulated behind the scenes by high-net worth liberals like George Soros who favor a materialist approach to managing ecology that embraces abortion and euthanasia rather like the Chinese statist economy does. Since Obamacare, I honestly don’t see us being on an alternative path… pray the Pope’s encyclical gives Catholics like Rick Santorum the arguments to challenge TPTB in his party, for there’s not much hope — even if lots of humor — for the cosmological-ecological-adequate-anthropological types who care about the soul first and the globe second.

  • Re_Actor

    This is screamingly funny too:

  • I thought it was mildly funny. It was OK…..just not “screamingly
    funny”. I wasn’t horrified like some on another Catholic blog (which
    shall remain nameless) where many of the folks leaving comments viewed
    it as nearly Satanic.