If you want to try your hand at the writing life, here’s a chance

If you want to try your hand at the writing life, here’s a chance June 11, 2015

We are currently looking for contributing writers for Catholic365.com

Catholic365.com is a Catholic focused article and information portal by Catholic writers and bloggers who write about things Catholics are interested in, with 3 main categories – Faith, Life and What’s Going On, from a perspective consistent with the Magesterium of the Catholic Church. We are also striving to spread the word and the Catholic faith by highlighting both the articles and the writers through internet and social marketing campaigns.

If you are interested, we’d love to have you contribute.

We’ll just need a little info
* contact email (for login and notifications)
* Your Bio/Profile info, including links to your website and social media
* A Bio picture (optional)

If you know any other Catholic writers we’d love to talk to them. If you have any questions or need any additional information just let me know.


Feel free to give it a go!

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  • daverusch

    I am interested. Please let me know where to send my information.
    Email: daverusch@q.com
    Thank you.

    • Marthe Lépine

      Did you read the entire post? I must admit I had to read it twice myself before I realized that the editor was signing with the Web site address, which was not obvious at my quick first reading. Just go to Catholic365.com.

      • daverusch

        Thank you,

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I’ll start with an article titled, “Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Patheos Catholic Channel” 😉