The deuille, the prowde spirit

The deuille, the prowde spirit June 27, 2015

…cannot endure to be mock’d – St. Thomas More

Accordingly, a reader sends along some of her mockery of Satan from past Lents here, here, and here.

It’s a sad thing that Satan, being an angel, has no mother and therefore cannot be the butt of “Yo Mama” jokes.

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  • sez

    Seems like we ought to be mocking the evil one more often than once a year.

    Be gone, Satan! Drink the poison yourself!

  • anna lisa

    This is great!

  • Mark R

    This probably is not the best approach. It could invite confrontation from the evil one and he may catch you off guard. It is better, perhaps, to mock him by doing good, especially giving to the poor and visiting the sick, resisting temptation, not judging another (considering oneself the worst of sinners) and praying often for mercy from Jesus and praying the Lord’s Prayer often too.