The Imaginative Conservative has Its Head Screwed on Straight

The Imaginative Conservative has Its Head Screwed on Straight June 16, 2015

Exhibits A and B:

A good piece on C.S. Lewis by Brad Birzer

A good piece warning against Leo Strauss, the false prophet of the Right



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  • Andy

    From Mr. McIntyre: “Finally, regarding the phenomenon of Straussianism, the cult took hold here for the same reasons that cults generally succeed in the U.S.: ignorance, inexperience, and a desire to have a simple answer to complex problems.” This sums up what is wrong with not just the Straussianistas but with all who claim to have an answer – regardless of political leanings, economic leanings, social leanings, what-have-you. I would only change ignorance to the idea of narrowed views leading to willful ignorance.

  • Pete the Greek

    Mark, just stop it. Please, just stop it. Seriously, I have too much on my ‘need to read’ list to keep taking good recommendations. Hmm, perhaps I can shuffle a few other things off to the side to make room for this one occasionally. 🙂

    • Andy

      By the way I appreciate Mark’s suggested reading – now if he will use his powers as a Dark Lord and give the time and maybe finish planting the roses my wife wants planted I will indulge in more reading.

      • chezami

        Wish magically granted.

    • chezami

      From now on I will only recommend terrible things.

      • Pete the Greek

        YAY! … wait………

  • KG

    Mark, I hope that you will consider reading The Truth About Leo Strauss, written by two of Leo Strauss’s non-conservative students. They show that the popular legend connecting Strauss to neo-conservative foreign policy is false. Strauss is a deep thinker who deserves to be taken more seriously than this.