Two Moments of Zen

Two Moments of Zen June 18, 2015

1. Rachel Dolezal called for boycott of ‘Exodus’ for using white actors for black roles

2. Noted Catholic geocentrists are condemning Laudato Si as “junk science”.

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  • Athanasius2

    Where is the link to the “Catholic geocentrists”?

    • Rick DeLano


      • Alma Peregrina

        Thank you. Now is it or

  • Bear Fact

    “Scientists discover that silly putty is the integral substance of the universe”
    “Geologists dig down really deep, discover turtle.”
    “Survey shows “thinking” ceased for most with Antipas of Gyros.”
    “Little known protein causes both increased sexual functioning in mice, and pandemic flu”
    “Switch to turn off sun discovered in Mozart sonata”
    “Scientists dilemma: everything really important happens a million orders of magnitude within or beyond their life span. Human life confined to a desert island in time”

  • Jim

    Yeh that would help if you could actually find some Geo-centrists who call the Pope’s pro-humans-cause-climate-change meme “junk science” & put a live link to it.

    I don’t doubt they exist. Almost every idiot conceivable exists somewhere…..

    But like Thomas the Apostle I need to put my fingers in the wounds….

    • Rick DeLano

      Mark is one of those “blessed are you who have not seen, and believe”- type journalists.

      • Jim

        Sometimes some of the things he writes are indefensibly stupid IMHO. I will not agree with him and I will pick apart his lack of logic in those moments.

        But OTOH Mark has never claimed the Talmud authorizes Child Rape unlike certain people you hang out with Rick.

        Just saying….

        • RadTrad

          I have no idea about the child rape thing, but as for the indefensibly stupid part?


    • WesleyD

      I have no idea what geocentrists believe regarding global warming. But a geocentrist has to reject the passage in Laudato Si that refers to “variations in the earth’s orbit and axis”, for if the earth is the center of the solar system, it has no orbit.

  • Jim

    Update: Well a certain French Canadian former Traditionalist turned Eastern Rite Catholic has informed my wife via Facebook that the person in question (the geo who calls Climate change junk science) is editor for a certain notorious Radical Traditionalist publication.

    I know this person when his ears where pinned to the wall denied believing in Geo-centracism but has plead for “being open toward it”. Thus the true comedy is his open mindedness toward Geo weirdness but belief in human caused Climate change is beyond the pale.

    Of course I deny Geo nonsense & I am a Climate change skeptic

    So I am consistent and awesome.

    …and modests too;-)

    • Rick DeLano

      So its a non geocentrist.


      • Jim

        Well Rick I know you are a Geo defender & partisan of Bob Sungenis.

        Do you believe in human caused climate change or do you believe it is junk science?

        I am skeptical of course & would be more likely than not to think it junk science. But then again I think the same about Geo weirdness.

        • Rick DeLano

          I couldn’t possibly care less what you think.

          I just wanted to thank you for making it clear that Mark has his story wrong 😉

          • Jim

            I don’t want thanks from people who ally with nut jobs who question the holocaust and promote quackery.

            Good day.

            • Rick DeLano

              Sorry for thanking you.

              In light of your expressed preference may I say:

              Thank you again!


              • Jim

                Whatever Radtrad,…

                • RadTrad

                  Jim, please do not feel bad

                  Give rest to your keypad

                  Remember, you wished me “Good Day”!

                  Please, don’t go away mad

                  Just have a wee dram, lad

                  Some Jack? Maybe Courvoisier?

                  • Jim

                    Ok? Whoever you are….

  • Ye Olde Statistician

    There were black roles in Exodus?

    • Alma Peregrina

      There were black roles and a red sea.

    • wlinden

      Egyptians are African, therefore “black”.

      • Alma Peregrina

        No, no. Egyptians are the bad guys, therefore not “black”. Are you a racist?

        But has anyone asked Moses and the hebrews if they “identified” themselves with “blacks”? So, how do you know they are not blacks? I think they were blacks, because I identify myself with them and I identify myself with blacks… so there ya have it. Solid proof! Moses was an African-American!

    • SteveP

      It’s plausible, given the terror of the plagues, someone forgot to unload the oven and there were indeed black rolls.