Why Believe God Exists?

Why Believe God Exists? June 26, 2015

Here’s a couple of “Connecting the Dots” podcasts (based on my book Making Senses Out of Scripture, which you can get in Dead Tree or Kindle forms):

There are a lot more fun “Connecting the Dots” podcasts here and you can listen in live at 5 PM Eastern Monday-Friday here. Today I’ll be on the air with Steven Greydanus, talking about what’s happening in the movies.  Call in and join us on the air at 1-855-949-1380.

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  • Tweck

    Hi Mark! I listened to both of these podcasts last night, and just wanted to say thank you for your brilliant, insightful and edifying commentary. It bolsters my faith, and I am truly grateful.

    I hadn’t mentally taken the immaterial first-cause argument past the big bang theory, and was grappling with how to fit it into ideas such as the multiverse or an infinite single material universe, and your wonderful podcast expanded my mind. I’m going to take some major notes on this one.

    Thanks again for being such an amazing defender of the faith.

    Edit: Also, hats off for the shout-out to Georges Lemaitre! 🙂