China on Course to be World’s Most Christian Nation…

China on Course to be World’s Most Christian Nation… July 18, 2015

in 15 years.  The fields are white for harvest there.

I wonder what we will be in 15 years.

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  • Guest

    I hope the answer isn’t “jealous.”

  • Gunnar Thalweg

    In the summer of 2030 … interesting thought experiment. Back to the Future Part II didn’t quite happen as planned for 2015.

    We will either pivot back to a more optimistic, hopeful time. Or not.

    Best case scenario is Singapore. Worst case is Haiti.

    • Mariana Baca

      Well, we don’t have flying cars, I guess, and hover boards are still a sort of science experiment, and we don’t have dehydrated pizzas, but people are switching in large numbers to non-paper books, fingerprint locks are completely possible, as are projectors in houses, faxes are obsolete, kids these days do watch like 10 youtube videos at a time, we do webconference with people regularly, laserdiscs are obsolete, we had a 3d rerelease of Jaws, and I’m sure there are Cafe 80’s with vintage arcade games exist somewhere. At least a pepsi is not 50$!

  • Dave G.

    That we will be around in 15 years? That’s an optimistic take on things. That we should even want to be might actually strike some as a rather pessimistic take on the future.

  • Caroline

    Learn Mandarin.

  • Mark R

    In 15 years? Watch Idiocracy.
    I keep saying this…critical as I can be of the Chinese, one thing I greatly admire is that unlike the Westerners and moderns of the supposedly educated classes, the Chinese actually learn about a subject before criticizing it.

  • MClark7

    White for harvest?

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      Yes. See John 4:35 in most English translations of the Bible.

      • MClark7

        The NIV, NRSV, and NLT all say ‘ripe for harvest.’ they have have footnote on ripe that says the literal Greek is white. Thanks for the reference!

  • Elmwood

    unsurprising, orthodoxy and catholicism are not growing like the evangelical churches are in china. i wonder how much of this growth is a rebellion against their government and culture which suppresses the individual for the sake of the community?

    catholic and orthodox evangelization may get too wrapped up with the idea of the church rather than the person of Christ. however, i would expect these evangelicals to be less demanding morally which may be more attractive to converts. it’s kind of bitter sweet given that at best, protestantism leads to a fragmented vision of Christ, and at worst, many of the systemic problems we are seeing in western culture.

    • Joseph

      Divide and conquer. China knows well that Protestantism is fractured and disjointed. As long as there is no unity, there is no threat. Catholicism, however, it constantly being trampled by the Chinese authorities.

      • Dave G

        You might want to talk to some Chinese protestants and protestant missionaries to China for another take on China’s easy feelings toward protestant Christians. It might be that orthodox and Catholics on the whole are simply less evangelistic than our protestant brethren.

    • Dave G

      Less demanding morally?

      • Elmwood

        of course, do you think it’s easy to not have a duggar-sized family when practicing NFP? the fasting alone makes christian life difficult.

        • Dave G.

          Actually, when it comes to fasting, it’s the Orthodox that leave the rest of us Christians in the dust. But outside of NFP, since most Protestants accept – to some degree – contraceptives, there are other moral standards to hold. And as a rule, Protestants aren’t exactly shy about having those standards and expecting the most from them. Not all of course, but on the whole.

  • Pray for China. It looks like they’re in for hard times. At the current capital outflow rates, they should run out of treasury bonds and be finishing up their follow on civil war in 2030.