A Look at the Literal Sense of Scripture

A Look at the Literal Sense of Scripture August 11, 2015

In a show wracked both by technical difficulties and by the presence of Dale Ahlquist during the first half, we finally settle down in the second half to talk about the literal sense of Scripture.

You can find out more by reading Making Senses Out of Scripture: Reading the Bible as the First Christians Did. Or, if you prefer to get it on Kindle, you can find it here.

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  • Linebyline

    I hate the name of the literal sense of scripture. That’s just not what the word “literal” means anymore.

    “Haha, Catholics believe in talking snakes.”
    “That’s not how Catholics interpret Scripture.”
    “Well how do Catholics interpret Scripture?”
    Literally, of course.”

    Of course, these days, “literally” can also be used figuratively as a mere intensifier in front of an idiom (no, seriously, it’s even in the dictionary), so maybe it’s a lost cause at this point.