It thrills me to know I share the same planet with a Rogue Dairy Queen

It thrills me to know I share the same planet with a Rogue Dairy Queen August 15, 2015

Who cannot love this story?

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  • Andy

    The homogenization of America, the lack of accepting individuals – the sad story – this is a wonderful story about how personalization works, wish I could get there, but a 15 hour drive for DQ would be mor,e than my wife would put up with.

    • The homogenization of milk, and the lack of milking cows in every household under the principle of subsidiarity, is something Mark will soon address… 🙂

  • I am sorry Mark, but when all that is left for celebration of personalized service, is the minor differences of one franchised store in a mega-chain, it is just sad.

    • You sound like you need some ice cream to cheer you up. Ben & Jerry’s, maybe?

      • I looked at your website… the send-off of Dreher is a scream!

        Did Shea really say we shouldn’t get too wild about the PP parts story? I have to see what he said, and we need to use any and all means to reverse the slaughter. However one thing I would like you to consider. The focus on showing dead fetuses instead of distraught mothers, or older women who never got their next chance, has always worked to our detriment. We need to be exalting Motherhood as a right. Short of regaining force of law, simply campaigning for the joy of Motherhood, has to be done with womens’ rights, human rights, and diversity in mind.

  • Dan13

    I, for one, am only interested in uniformity and the indoor dining experience provided by the company’s newer DQ Grill and Chill restaurants.

  • SecretAgentMan

    I pledge my fealty to the Rogue Dairy Queen! Send her victorious, happy and glorious, long to reign over us! Or at least Moorhead, Minnesota.

    • chezami

      I like the cut of your jib!