Culture Shock

Culture Shock September 30, 2015

One of the most hilarious parts of the recent papal visit was listening to Evangelicals grimly warn Catholics “You shall have no other gods before me” and exhorting them not to worship the pope, while so many Catholics were spending all their waking hours complaining about what a terrible pope he is.

Evangelicals really need to get to know some Catholics. And Catholics really need to get to know this pope. You’d think the internet would destroy this kind of insular ignorance, but in fact people tend to use the internet to create bubble communities where they can surround themselves with information sources that only tell them what they want to hear and they only meet people who already agree with them.


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  • This is true, which is why I come over to the Catholic channel to see what you folks are saying.

    • Joseph

      You are always welcome!

  • wlinden

    I thought you were busy worshipping Mary. Now you’re reduced to worshipping the Pope?

    • ivan_the_mad

      I can’t figure out whether we’re polytheists or serial monotheists …

    • Joseph

      But isn’t the Pope Jesus?

    • Alma Peregrina

      No, not “reduced to”. We *expanded* our filthy idolatry even further.

      We now worship both Mary *and* the Pope.

      If we catholics keep at it, we will soon start worshiping Mary Poppins.

      • Andy

        Well after all Mary Poppins is practically perfect, so why not?

        • Alma Peregrina

          Heresy! Mary Poppins isn’t practically perfect! Mary Poppins is perfection itself! Mary Poppins is love! Mary Poppins is life!

          *supercalifragilisticexpialidociouses away on a flying umbrela*

          • Andy

            It is one thing to spell it, but can you say supercalifragilisticexpialidociouses backwards, that is the sign of the true admirer.
            Let me add not being able to say supercalifragilisticexpialidociouses is part of the handshake that neoconned is missing.

      • neoconned

        Wait,wait, wait. Nobody told me about this at the secret meeting! If I worship Mary and the Pope, how can I have time to worship the Saints AND do the bidding of the Jesuits?

        • Andy

          You don’t know the secret handshake. What did you do to be so left out?

        • Alma Peregrina

          It’s easy! You just make a bunch of statues of the Saints *AND* of Mary *AND* of the Pope, you put them all together and then you kneel in front of them. *THEN* the Jesuits will be pleased!

          This is basic catholic catechesis! Don’t you know your faith, mister?

          • Joseph

            Don’t forget to fall into a trance and pray to the magic beads.

            • Alma Peregrina

              Exactly! Without the magic beads, all prayer is worthless to Mary Poppins!

              But magic beads won’t suffice… you need vain repetition!

      • No see, we have to pray to the pope to pray to Mary to pray to Jesus for us. /*sarcasm*/

        • Andy

          Ah yes, the chain of command approach to prayer.

        • Alma Peregrina

          Heresy! We have to pray to the pope to pray to THE SAINTS to pray to Mary to pray to Jesus to pray to the FATHER for us!


    • Rebecca Fuentes

      Don’t forget worshiping statues and banners. That makes it so easy to make any space idolatrous.

  • Steve S

    One day during the Pope’s visit, I was half-listening to the NBC Nightly News. Though I am always cautious about how the MSM discusses all things Catholic, NBC had had Bishop Barron as a guest commentator and had generally been doing a decent enough job. Then behold, Miguel Almaguer introduces his piece on the Pope with “To Catholics, he’s divine…”

    I was genuinely flabbergasted. I don’t expect news reporters to know the intricacies of canon law or to be able to quote the Summa, but this was as egregious an error as one can make regarding Catholic beliefs. And unfortunately, it feeds right into all the worst calumnies leveled against Catholics in our national history. Did anyone else catch this?

    Now, I don’t think Miguel Almaguer was deliberately trying to score points for the Know Nothings. I think he is just a typical, secular American who doesn’t know the first thing about Catholics or Catholicism. I once heard someone say that it is wise to subtract 10% of accuracy from any MSM piece about religion (particularly Catholicism) as well as science. After this episode, I’m thinking that that percentage needs to be a lot higher.

  • Jared B.

    Recent study explaining how an environment with a lack of natural boundaries (such as the Internet) actually makes it harder for an idea to spread. Contrary ideas all drown each other out in the static. And, as Mark pointed out, people will create artificial, voluntary boundaries of their own anyway.