Lint Hatcher on the Paradoxical Tragedy of Margaret Sanger

Lint Hatcher on the Paradoxical Tragedy of Margaret Sanger September 19, 2015

There is a milestone around the neck background to Sanger that should break our hearts for her:

In her childhood, Margaret Sanger was a devout Christian, baptized and confirmed in secret against her father’s wishes. As Grant describes it, “She displayed a zealous devotion to spiritual things…She demonstrated a budding and apparently authentic hunger for truth. But gradually the smothering effects of [her father’s] cynicism took their toll. When her mother died under the strain of her unhappy privation, Margaret was more vulnerable than ever before to his fierce undermining. Bitter, lonely, and grief-stricken, by the time she was seventeen her passion for Christ had collapsed into a bitter hatred of the church.” Despite her father’s undoubted contribution to her mother’s unhappiness, Sanger would go on to imitate her father’s harsh skepticism rather than her mother’s tenderness.

If you believe in such things, let’s pray for Margaret.

Read the whole thing. And pray for her father as well.

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  • iamlucky13

    Some call this psychological baggage with myriad consequences, including destroying faith in the value of the family hardening one against the value of the lives of others.

    Others call it overcoming adversity and celebrate it. Yet, she never actually overcame it.

  • Lint Hatcher

    Thanks for the share, Mark. I’m working hard on these mini essays.