New Catholic Apologist on the Block!

New Catholic Apologist on the Block! September 1, 2015

Anybody who defends the Faith and gives his book revenues to charity is okay in my book!

This Catholic apologetics book is written in a contemporary style of questions and answers. It is written for the ‘gathered and the scattered’ of God’s people. It is a devotional, inspirational and intensely personal book. It is meant to evangelize, defend, inspire, strengthen, console and heal Christians in general and Catholics in particular. It is written by a lay Catholic man in response to the materialistic relativistic challenges of our modern day. One can see within and between the lines of this book the intense love and adoration the author displays towards Jesus in the Eucharist. A quick glance at the table of contents shows the type of issues discussed. All author’s royalties from this book are donated to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Toronto Central Council, a charitable organization that cares for the disabled and the disadvantaged in our midst.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Nicola Salameh Nur:

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