The White House is More Afraid of Offending China

The White House is More Afraid of Offending China September 21, 2015

than the Pope.

It’s easy to bravely face the applause of your peers on cheap social hot button issues they all agree with you about–especially when that butt of your disrespect is the disciple of a Messiah who says to turn the other cheek–than it is to treat the leader of a giant power with disrespect when you are in hock to him up to your ears.

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  • Joseph

    I think it’s because he agrees with most of China’s policies. Imagine how much money he could make for his political allies, Planned Parenthood, if he could adopt a one-child policy in the US.

  • MarylandBill

    Its always amusing when a group that has essentially abandoned conventional morality decides to lecture the single greatest moral teacher on the planet about morality.

  • Pete the Greek

    “That’s because Popes don’t pull people’s arms out of their sockets when they get offended. Wooki… I mean the Chinese Communist Party is known to do that.”

  • Just a note on the PRC that is not in opposition to this post but might be of interest to the readership. The PRC is actively liquidating treasuries right now in large amounts both through official and unofficial channels (mostly through Belgium). We’re not in hock to them today nearly as much as we were 6 months ago. Their outsized influence should be shrinking over the next five years unless they pull off a miracle and stabilize the great reckoning that they are undergoing economically right now.

    Interesting times

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    Why are you constantly harassing Obama and the Left, when there’s a Republican who won’t even attend the Pope’s address to Congress?

    I’m sick of your right-wing cheerleading!

    • PalaceGuard

      Very well, then. A pox on both their houses.