A reader asks what I think of the Pope meeting Kim Davis

A reader asks what I think of the Pope meeting Kim Davis October 5, 2015

He writes:

I have great respect for your opinion and have been wondering what you think of the Kim Davis/Pope Francis meeting. The meeting itself doesn’t bother me, but the secrecy of it does. If I were on the other side of the marriage issue, I think I’d feel like the Pope was trying to pull one over on me.

I think the pope was being a shepherd. It’s what popes are supposed to do. I also, by the way, think that the Lefties who are grabbing themselves by both legs and tearing themselves in two over Francis’ “betrayal” are hilarious and provide the perfect bookend to the beginning of the week when Righties were doing the same. I’m particularly amused by one Charles Pierce, who thinks he has smoked out an entire Benedictine Conspiracy at work.

As to keeping the meeting private and this somehow being scandalous to the Left, my response to them would be “Mind your own business.” If a shepherd wants to meet with one of the sheep in private (and the sheep presumably wants that as well) who cares how it affect your precious feelings? I certainly wouldn’t want paparazzi following me into a meeting with my spiritual director or confessor.

What’s really ticking the Left off is that Francis showed that he meant business when he spoke of religious liberty. The Left is ticked because the goal had been to make an example of Davis pour encourager l’autres and the whole thing backfired. The judge who threw her in the pokey made a martyr of her instead of an example and the attempt to crush her conscience was thrwarted, first by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (which demanded that reasonable accomodation be made to her conscience) and second by this pope, who said “Amen” to that and blessed acts of conscience. The subculture that somehow had managed to convince itself that the Pope was going to back down on conscience and genuflect to gay marriage was as outraged to discover the Pope was Catholic as the subculture of lunatics over in the comboxes at First Things having hysterics about “Che Guevara’s Pope”.

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  • Joseph

    “it’s the secrecy that bothered me”…
    Yeah, right. Let’s face it, if they weren’t in opposition to conscientious objection, they wouldn’t be arsed whether Kim Davis met the Pope in public or private. Seriously, it’s easy to see through that. Once again, a lack of understanding how the Church works and more of the same political game of tug ‘o war with the Pope. Like you said, “Mind your own business”.

  • capaxdei

    Our guys meet people in private. Their guys meet people in secret. That means our guys are discreet and their guys are up to something.

    • Alma Peregrina

      You made me laugh. Thank you.

  • WhiteJesus

    When this hag gets put down I’ll stand and cheer.

    • Andy

      How Christian of you – cheering for the death of someone God created.

      • HornOrSilk

        I’m quite certain that person, with the nick “White Jesus” is not a Christian, but an anti-Christian bigot.

        • Andy

          I am certain of that as well – just wanted to let mim/her know that he respect for life is so vital to our lives.

        • Joseph

          Look out, don’t piss him off. He may go on a mass shooting rampage… something atheists seem quite good at, especially bigoted ones.

          • WhiteJesus

            Christians under attack! Head to the bunker!

            • Joseph

              A saw your troll and I raised you one.

              • WhiteJesus

                Merry Holidays

                • Alma Peregrina

                  And Merry Christmas for you as well! And Happy Hannukah! And a bunch of merry Holi(y)days!

                  • WhiteJesus

                    Like Christmas but not much of a Kwanzaa fan.

              • Joe

                Not really. You just gave him a heaping spoonful of Troll Chow.

                • Joseph

                  Was it laced with turd? I sure hope so!

    • Alma Peregrina


    • Dodger Dickens

      Ah, yes. This is what happens when all the world is a giant anus.

  • Irksome1

    This is less about Kim Davis meeting the Pope and more about people on both the Left and the Right who wish to shoehorn the Pope into all of their own political pet issues.

  • Elmwood

    I don’t get it, now the Holy Father is distancing himself from the Kim Davis drama? It sounds like the Vatican is saying that this meeting was set up without the pope’s knowledge and that he doesn’t necessarily support her.

    This is confusing. I think she did the right thing.

    • capaxdei

      What is confusing about saying the Pope’s meeting with Kim Davis “should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects”?

      I’m spending the coming weekend with my brother. That shouldn’t be considered a form of support of his position in all of its particular and complex aspects, and I probably know a lot more about my brother than Pope Francis knows about Kim Davis.

    • Joseph

      Nice take on it. Even I was duped by the media into thinking that she was *forcing* others in her office not to issue the licenses. Wow, I feel robbed. Anyway, you made Michael Sean Winters look like a fool… again.

      • Thanks! I’m amazed at how many people don’t do their homework. They just believe whatever they want to believe. (I’ve long thought that some some traditionalists who are always going off about Pope Francis just want to believe him evil).

        New details suggest the Pope himself requested the meeting (see top link in my post). I strongly suspect this story is true, mostly because I don’t believe the Vatican Press Office spin; I don’t think most of the “clarification” came from the Pope. Would Francis really have been so dismissive of someone he had seen, suggesting she didn’t have a “real” audience with him? From everything I’ve seen of him, I don’t think so. I think the part the Pope wanted to clarify was that he doesn’t necessarily support every detail of her position — something Davis’ lawyer readily agreed was proper. The Pope even hinted at this on the plane when he said he wasn’t thinking of particular cases in his support for conscientious objection.

        Winters isn’t always a fool, by the way. He’s said some good things, which I’ve commented on. He’s actually more rational on this issue than most commentators on the left.